BBC news—Third recall for China-made toys

Third recall 第三次召回
China-made toys 中国制造的玩具
announced its third major recall 宣布了第三次召回
About three-quarters of a million toys
were decorated with paint containing too much lead 装饰用油漆含铅量超标。
toy trains 玩具火车
come to light 被大众所了解
introduced enhanced testing. 引入的强化测试
forthright way of dealing with people
hopeful customers will judge us by our actions not by the fact that we discovered some sub-contractors who did not do the right thing. 期望客户通过我们采取的行动而不是我们发现的事实,即一些供货商没有做好该作好的事情,来审视我们。
urged to return other items 被催促去退回相应的玩具
come loose 变松
The recalled Barbie accessories include 被召回的玩具包括
Inspection call 调查召回
crayon sets 蜡笔
deliver a package 送了一个邮包
wooden box packaging  木盒子包装
a fortnight ago  两周前
commented on the latest recall  对最近的召回发表声明
pointed out 指出
a fraction 一小部分
at a fraction of the cost of 用很小的成本
be fault 过失
quick to act 反应迅速
revoking the licence to manufacture goods at a firm取消了一家工厂的生产许可证
prompted a US senator to call for  导致一个议员去号召。
the initial recall  最初的召回
carried out inspections of all toy shipments  推出了对玩具的运输过程的全面审查。
an audit of all its suppliers  对供货商的定期审查
foreign buyers  外国购买者

plastic parts 塑料部件

monitor and inspect  监视和审查

have any sympathy for Mattel 对。。。同情

quality control laboratories 质量控制实验室

go through with lead 让这些含铅超量的玩具轻易流通到。。。

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