BBC news—Opera legend Pavarotti dies at 71

  1. diagnosed with pancreatic cancer  被诊断为。。癌症
  2. bring a new audience to opera  给歌剧带来了新的听众。
  3. alongside fellow tenors  协同其他男高音
  4. His charismatic performances  他慈善演出
  5. made any public appearances  出现在大众面前
  6. admitted to hospital with a fever  被迫因为发烧住院
  7. diagnostic tests  门诊检查
  8. in a statement   在一个声明中。
  9. took his life  夺走了生命
  10. remained positive  保持乐观
  11. succumbing to the last stages of his illness  坚持到生命最后时刻。
  12. on the world stage  在世界舞台上
  13. one of the world’s biggest-selling artists  最畅销作品的艺术家
  14. with his signature tune 
  15. reached 1.5 billion people with opera  用歌剧的方式和1。5人交流
  16. more derogatory  更不情愿
  17. part of Pavarotti’s final performance  出席了最后一次演出
  18. the opening of the Winter Olympics  在图岭的冬季奥运会上
  19. London’s Royal Opera House  伦敦皇家歌剧院
  20. affected the lives of people across the globe in all walks of life  影响了全世界人的生活方式。
  21. introduced the extraordinary power of opera  展示了歌剧的超级魅力
  22. encountered opera and classical singing  面对歌剧和经典唱法。
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