BBC news—Microsoft loses anti-trust appeal

  1. anti-trust appeal 不信任请求
  2. a record 497m euro fine 一张创纪录的罚单
  3. European Commission  欧盟
  4. imposed by  强加
  5. in a long-running competition dispute  在一场长期的不正当竞争中
  6. uphold  维护,维持
  7. the ruling  指控
  8. abused its dominant market position  滥用市场领导地位
  9. A probe concluded  一项长期的调查
  10. be guilty of freezing out rivals  将竞争对手赶出市场是有罪的
  11. has two months to appeal  还有两个月去诉讼
  12. Microsoft’s top lawyer  微软的首席律师
  13. comply with EU competition law  遵守欧洲竞争法
  14. decided on its next legal steps  决定下一步法律措施。
  15. threw out one small part of the European Commission’s ruling  这只是欧盟不满的一小部分
  16. established an independent monitoring trustee  建立起一家独立的监管机构
  17. supervise Microsoft’s behaviour  监管微软的行为
  18. the obligation imposed on Microsoft to do 强加给微软的。。。
  19. access to its information, documents, premises and employees and also to the source code of its relevant products  访问它的相关产品的信息,文档,理念和员工以及源代码。
  20. ordered to pay 80% of the Commission’s legal costs  被要求支付80%的审理费用
  21. the Commission has to carry a specific part of Microsoft’s costs  欧盟不得不承受微软的一部分费用
  22. welcomed the verdict  满意审判结果
  23. give its competition commissioner Neelie Kroes a much needed boost  让微软的竞争管理委员会意识到需要提高效率。
  24. lost several high-profile anti-trust cases  输掉了几个万众瞩目的不信任案件
  25. described the victory as "bittersweet"  把胜利描述成—苦糖—
  26. operate with other computer systems by sharing information with rival software companies.  通过提供相关信息给竞争对手来保证与其他电脑系统之间的协作
  27. make a version of its Windows operating system available without Microsoft’s Media Player software.  生产一个没有捆绑Media Player的操作系统
  28. beyond dispute  毫无争议
  29. buy its Media Player software along with the operating system  购买媒体播放器和操作系统一同。
  30. adhere to the 2004 decision  与2004年决定相符合
  31. pay daily fines  支付每天罚款
  32. adding up to 280.5 million euros over a six-month period  在过去的六个月中累计到280。5m
  33. law firm  法律事务所
  34. these principles of the judgement  这些判定的原则
  35. engages in the same behaviour  沉浸于这种行为的公司
  36. give consumers more choice in software markets  给顾客在购买软件上更多的选择
  37. desist from engaging in anti-competitive conduct  停止沉浸于反竞争行为
  38. It provides legal certainty now as to what you can and you can’t do in relation to information you have to make available to companies who compete in your environment to enable them to be a viable competitor。这个案件告诉我们在法律上的某种确定性,即确定什么可以做,什么不可以做,在向竞争对手开放信息过程中,从而使他成为竞争者,
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