BBC news—Olympic torch will bypass Taiwan

  1. Olympic torch  奥运火炬
  2. pass through Taiwan  穿过台湾
  3. resolve differences with the Beijing authorities  解决与北京政府的争端
  4. disagreed over the route  无法在路线上达成一致
  5. take on its way to the Beijing Games 
  6. objected to
  7. the use of Taiwan’s flag and national anthem  使用台湾的旗帜和歌曲
  8. be limited at torch-related events  被限于火炬有关的活动
  9. part of its territory  领土的一部分
  10. separately governed since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949  被分别治理自从1949年结束的国内战争。
  11. Deeply regret  深深的抱歉
  12. pass through more than 20 cities and ascend Mount Everest on its way to the Chinese capital  途径20多个国家并且翻越阿尔卑斯山,最终到达中国的首都。
  13. planned a lengthy route for the Olympic torch  为奥运火炬计划了很长的路线
  14. asked for the route to be changed  要求变更路线。
  15. ruling out use of the Taiwanese national anthem and national flag  否定了使用台湾国歌和国旗
  16. used at events related to the Olympic torch in Taiwan  被用于和奥运火炬有关的在台湾的活动
  17. reach consensus over the arrangement of the relay after more than one month of discussions  达成一致在火炬接力的安排上在经过一个月的商议。
  18. set 20 September as a deadline for resolving the dispute  设定9月20号作为解决争议的最后期限
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