BBC—news Spy charges for US computer duo

  1.  Spy charges  间谍指控
  2. charged with conspiring to steal microchip designs to  被指控预谋去盗窃微芯片设计
  3. US citizen Lee Lan and Chinese national Ge Yuefei  美国公民和中国籍
  4. accused of stealing computer chip designs   被指控盗窃电脑芯片
  5. alleged to have formed a company to develop chips  被指控成立一家公司去开发芯片
  6. contacted the Chinese army  联系中国军队
  7. Economic espionage  经济剽窃
  8. Their indictment  控诉
  9. stole documents  窃取文档
  10. has an office  有一家分公司
  11. for use in networking equipment with possible military uses 可能军用的网络设备
  12. two counts of economic espionage  两项经济剽窃
  13. theft of trade secrets  盗取商业秘密
  14. one count of conspiracy  一项预谋指控
  15. face up to 15 years in prison if convicted  如果罪名成立,将面临15年的监牢
  16. The vigorous enforcement of intellectual property  有效的强化知识产权
  17. increases the economic vitality of this region  该地区经济活力的增长
  18. adds to the security of our nation as a whole  在整体上给我们的民族带来安全
  19. convicted of economic espionage  被证明经济剽窃
  20. benefit a foreign government  使一个国家受益
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