BBC news—Search giants offer new features

  1. offer new features  提供新功能
  2. announced upgrades to their search engines  宣布了他们对搜索引擎的升级
  3. in efforts to gain ground on rival Google  试图去获得竞争对手的份额。
  4. Yahoo’s makeover  雅虎的改进
  5. allow users to refine searches as well as offering links to photos, music and video on the results page 允许用户在结果页面上,细化搜索,包括提供对图片,音乐,和媒体。
  6. Microsoft’s new-improved  微软的改进的
  7. represents a "quantum jump in search results"  显示出了极小的进步在搜索结果上
  8. remains the most popular net search engine  保持着最受欢迎的网络搜索引擎
  9. accounting for over half of web searches  构成了超过一半的网页搜索
  10. had a 56.5% share of the US search market  占有56。5的份额在美国搜索引擎市场
  11. compared to Yahoo wtih 23.3% and Microsoft with 11.3%  相对于雅虎的23。3和微软的11。3
  12. Google’s dominance is even greater with around 75% market share  谷歌的领先是个更大的,大致占有75%的市场份额
  13. has forced rivals to relaunch, add new features  强迫对手去启动或者增加新功能
  14. improve the relevance of its searches in an effort to compete  提高搜索结果的相关性,来竞争
  15. be available globally by the end of October  将从10月底对全球开放
  16. delivers answers to specific questions  返回搜索结果对特定问题
  17. draw on its three-dimensional mapping service for location-relevant searches  在它提供的三维地图服务中,描画和地理位置相关的查询
  18. offering video, charts and pictures for relevant results  为相关结果,提供影像,图表,和图片
  19. phrase a search request  固定化搜索请求
  20. a user types into the query box  当用户敲入查询框
  21. use information from its calendar service  利用来自日历服务的信息
  22. highlight local events when relevant to requests  来强调显示本地事件,如果和搜索请求相关。
  23. relaunched with a dramatically different interface  又启动了一个变化巨大的用户界面
  24. offering search suggestions and thumbnail pictures of listed sites  提供搜索提示和结果站点的实例图片
  25. has been a rise in so-called metasearch engines  在元数据搜索引擎领域有增加的趋势。
  26. trawl through a variety of other search engines to find results  通过其他的搜索引擎去查找结果
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