BBC news—Millions celebrate Christmas Day

  1. marking Christmas Day  展示着圣诞节
  2. the traditional day of Christ’s birth.  耶稣诞生的传统节日。
  3. In the West Bank town  在西岸的小镇
  4. the Biblical site of Jesus’ birth  耶稣降生的圣地
  5. thousands of worshippers gathered  成千上万的崇拜者聚集起来
  6. celebrate midnight Mass 去庆祝午夜的盛典
  7. double the number of pilgrims have visited this year compared to last  与去年相比,长途的朝拜者的数量翻了一番。
  8. celebrated a special Mass in St Peter’s Basilica  庆祝了一个特别的盛典在。。。。
  9. watched by thousands of pilgrims  被成千上万的朝拜者目睹
  10. join the congregation filling the church  无法参加集会的聚集在教堂
  11. watched the Mass on giant video screens in the square instead  观看了盛典通过广场上的巨型电视
  12. This evening’s match will be played under floodlights.
  13. A new floodlit Nativity scene  在巨型探照灯下举行的新的降生仪式
  14. officially unveiled in the square  在广场上被官方公开
  15. the larger-than-life-size statues of the baby Jesus  超过真人大小孩童时代的耶稣的雕像
  16. set not in a Bethlehem stable 
  17. the change was made to illustrate the notion  做出这样的变化是在告诉大众
  18. deliver his traditional "Urbi et Orbi" Christmas message to the world  向世界传递传统的圣诞信息
  19. from a balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square  从俯视圣彼得广场的阳台上
  20. Tourist revival  旅游业复苏
  21. fears about security and Israel’s West Bank barrier   出于对安全和伊斯西岸的障碍的担心
  22. an imposing eight-metre (24-foot) concrete wall separating the town from Jerusalem  一道庄严的混凝土墙把小镇和伊斯兰隔开了。
  23. discouraged potential visitors  打消了潜在的参拜者的访问。
  24. During the second Palestinian uprising,  在第二次巴基斯坦抵抗中
  25. tourism collapsed  旅游业彻底崩溃了
  26. with the relative stability of the last two years  随着近两年的相对稳定
  27. tourists and pilgrims are returning to the town in larger numbers  游客和朝拜者正在不断返回小镇。
  28. Between 25 to 35,000 pilgrims and tourists are going to be around today and tomorrow   大约现在有25000到35000人
  29. twice as much as last year  去年的两倍
  30. 60 to 70% of the normal tourism and pilgrimage to the city  往年60%到70%的游客和朝拜者来到这个城市
  31. The atmosphere is better in general  氛围是良好的总体上
  32. There’s a very relaxed atmosphere in our office.
  33. There is relative calm, from the security standpoint  从安全的立场上讲有些平静。
  34. are still far fewer tourists than there used to be  依然比从前的游客少了很多
  35. many of those celebrating outside the Church of the Nativity were local people  在教堂外庆祝的很多人都是本地人
  36. still a heavy police presence  依然有很多警察出现
  37. An army bomb squad arrived and defused the bomb.
  38. A large wave swept away half the sandcastle.
  39. swept cars and buildings for explosives  在所有的汽车和建筑物中搜查爆炸物
  40. Christmas carols  圣歌
  41. celebrating the festival  庆祝节日
  42. a year of security and economic stability  安全和经济稳定的一年
  43. pray next year  祈祷明年
  44. the year of independence for the Palestinian people  为巴勒斯坦人民的独立的一年
  45. the Catholic leader in the Holy Land  天主教头领在圣地
  46. called for peace in the Middle East as he led the Mass  在他主持的庆典上号召中东的和平
  47. belongs to God  属于上帝
  48. for some a land of life and for others a land of occupation and a political prison  不是为了一片土地的人民,或者一块占领地核政治监狱。
  49. in a sermon delivered in his native Arabic  在一个用阿拉伯语完成的祈祷中。
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