BBC news—Egypt ‘to copyright antiquities’

  1. to copyright antiquities  征收远古历史的版权
  2. On Tuesday the country’s parliament voted to establish its own army.
  3. Borrowers are expected to (= should) return books on time.
  4. are expected to  被要求
  5. pass a law  通过一项法令
  6. requiring royalties be paid  要求版税被支付
  7. whenever copies are made of museum pieces or ancient monuments   博物馆的藏品或者远古的纪念碑的复制品被制作的时候
  8. such as the pyramids  比如金字塔
  9. chairs Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities  文物管理委员会会长
  10. the law would apply in all countries  法令将在所有国家生效
  11. The money was needed to maintain thousands of pharaonic sites  我们需要钱来维护成千上万的景点
  12. the law will deal a blow to  法令将会对产生严重影响
  13. The latest trade figures have dealt a severe blow to hopes of an early economic recovery.
  14. themed resorts across the world  遍布世界的主题景点
  15. large-scale copies of Egyptian artefacts  大规模的埃及文物的复制品
  16. a person or thing that attracts a lot of attention and that people will pay to see
  17. The ship is an exact replica of the original Golden Hind.
  18. full-scale replicas of any object  完整精致的复制品
  19. Commercial use" of ancient monuments like the pyramids or the sphinx would also be controlled,  对于像金字塔或者斯蒂芬一样的远古纪念碑的商业使用将管制起来。
  20. for private use  个人用途
  21. have permission from the Egyptian government  拥有来自埃及政府的许可
  22. the law would not stop local and international artists reproducing monuments as long as they were not exact replicas  法令不会阻止本地的和国际上的文物学家的对纪念物的复制,只要不是完美的复制品
  23. its interior was completely different  内部是完全不同的
  24. claims by the hotel that it was "the only pyramid-shaped building in the world" could no longer be made  旅店将无法继续它是唯一的金字塔形建筑物在世界上的断言。
  25. The announcement came two days after  声明在两天之后被发出
  26. She would have to call on all her strength if she was to survive the next few months.
  27. I now call on everyone to raise a glass to the happy couple.
  28. called on the hotel to pay a share of its profits to the central Egyptian city of Luxor  要求旅店去支付利润的一部分给中非城市鲁塞尔
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