BBC news—Low-energy bulb disposal warning

 Low-energy bulb disposal warning
  1. low-energy light bulbs  低能耗灯
  2. The Environment Agency  环境组织
  3. called for more information to be made available  号召更多的信息被开放
  4. on the health and environmental risks posed by low-energy light bulbs 关于由地耗能灯引发的健康的和环境的风险
  5.  disposal warning  处理警告
  6. contain small amounts of mercury  含有微量水银
  7. more information about safe recycling  关于安全回收需要更多的信息
  8. wants health warnings printed on packaging  呼吁健康警告被印刷到包装上
  9. information on how to clear up smashed bulbs  关于清理破碎的灯管的信息
  10.  played down the risks 轻视这种风险
  11. be smashed at once to pose a danger  同时打碎几个灯管才会产生确实的危险
  12. Toxic substance  有毒物质
  13. cause a problem if they are disposed of in a normal waste-bin  如果它们被普通的垃圾箱里处理掉,确实会产生问题
  14. released into the wider environment  被释放到更大的范围内
  15. That’s a concern  确实需要关注
  16. a well known toxic substance  众所周知的有毒物质
  17. Official advice  官方建议
  18. the room needs to be vacated for at least 15 minutes  房间需要被清空15分钟
  19. used to clear up the debris  清理碎片
  20. care should be taken not to inhale the dust  留心不要吸入灰尘
  21. rubber gloves should be used  采用橡皮手套
  22. put into a sealed plastic bag  放进一个密封的塑料袋子
  23. the local council for disposal  本地的垃圾处理厂
  24. be taken back to the retailer  返回给零售商
  25. the Distributor Takeback Scheme  分发回收计划
  26. many local waste disposal sites  很多本地的废物处理点
  27. have the facilities to safely collect and dispose of old bulbs  拥有安全收集和分解旧灯管的装置
  28. 6-8mg of mercury was present in a typical low-energy bulb  6-8毫克的水银存在于一支典型的低能耗灯管
  29. he described as a "pretty small amount  他认为是相当小的含量
  30. accumulates in the body – especially the brain  水银会在身体内积累,特别是大脑
  31. The biggest danger is repeated exposure  最大的危险是反复的
  32. a one off exposure is not as potentially dangerous compared to working in a light bulb factory.
  33. in short term danger  面临短期危险
  34. Information campaign  信息运动
  35. alert people to the best way of dealing with these products when they become waste.  告诫人们处理这些产品的最好的方式,当他们变成废物以后。
  36. advise people how to dispose of low-energy bulbs safely  建议人们怎样安全的处理这些低能耗灯管。
  37. if the government and the public demanded it  如果政府和公众要求这样
  38. begin the process of phasing out traditional tungsten bulbs as part of a government plan to completely replace them by 2011.  开始更新传统的白炽灯,最为政府计划的一部分去彻底替代他们到2011年为止。
  39. using the more environmentally-friendly bulbs  使用环境友好的灯管
  40. save at least save 5m tonnes-worth of carbon dioxide emissions every year.  至少每年将要节省相当于5立方米的2氧化碳排放量
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