BBC news—Gates hails age of digital senses

  1. The way people interact with computers  人们和电脑交互的方式
  2. dramatically change in the next five years  将发生显著的变化
  3. gradually give way to more intuitive and natural technologies  逐渐让位给更加直观和自然的技术
  4. In particular  特别是
  5. touch, vision and speech interfaces would become increasingly important  触摸,视觉,语言将逐渐变得更加重要。
  6. made his comments whilst answering questions from BBC News website readers  做出了上述评论在接受BBC新闻站点读者的提问的时候
  7. This whole idea of what I call natural user interface is really redefining the experience  被我称之为自然用户接口的整个想法确实是在重新定义与之相关的体会。
  8. adding the ability to touch and directly manipulate  我们正在添加触摸的功能和直接的操控功能
  9. to behave in a way which is intended to attract attention or admiration, and which other people often find annoying:
    She only bought that sports car to show off and prove she could afford one.
    He’s always showing off to his classmates.
  10. a large table like machine with a multi-touch interface  一张像机器一样的大桌子带有多个触摸接口
  11. organising their lives using this type of touch interface  组织他们的生活用这种类型的触摸接口
  12. She mentioned a few ideas, but she didn’t expand on them.
  13. expanded on this theme of natural interfaces during the CES keynote speech he made  展开讲解了自然接口的主题
  14. on the first day of the hi-tech fair  在高科技展会的第一天
  15. Citing the success of the iPhone and the controller for the Nintendo Wii game console  引用Iphone的成功和任天堂WII的控制器
  16. If you are/make a hit with someone, they like you a lot from the time that they first meet you:
    You’ve made a big hit with my dad – he hasn’t stopped talking about you.
  17. a big hit with consumers  相见恨晚
  18. admitted, in answer to readers questions, that he had not always got things right.  在回答读者的提问时,他承认他并没有总是选择正确的方向。
  19. People thought we were late with the [web] browser  人们认为我们在网络浏览器上开始太晚。
  20. search was an area where people thought that Microsoft had not fulfilled expectations  搜索是一个领域,人们认为微软并没有达到大众的期望。
  21. Google has done a good job  做得很不错
  22. We expect to surprise people that we can match and even do better there  我们期望去给用户惊奇,我们可以竞争甚至是做得更好。
  23. people should wait and see  我们需要用户的耐心
  24. launched last year  去年启动的
  25. Like all of the products we ship  就像我们提供的所有产品
  26. we hear how we could do this differently or that differently  我们听到我们可以做的很不同。
  27. the firm had received "lots of feedback" on the software  在软件方面公司获得很多的用户反馈
  28. do downloads and improvements all of the time and of course there’ll be a major new version coming along  我们在不断的提供下载和改进,当然总是伴随着有一个主要的新版本。
  29. announced that it has sold 100 million licences for the operating system  宣布微软已经售出了1个亿的操作系统的用户许可证
  30. During the questions and answer session  在问答的时间段
  31. revealed his own computer habits  他公开了自己的电脑习惯
  32. a notebook computer that is operated with a digital stylus  一个笔记本电脑用一个数码设备操作的。
  33. he does not use his competitor’s products  他并不是用他的竞争者的产品。
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