BBC news—-Boeing 787 hit by security fears

  1. hit by security fears  受到对安全担心的冲击
  2. been ordered to ensure  被要求确保
  3. passengers on its new 787 Dreamliner jet  乘坐新型流线型的787喷气式客机的乘客
  4. hack into the flight system and take control of the plane  侵入飞行控制系统,并取得控制权
  5. The ruling has come from America’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  该项确定来自于
  6. is concerned that the plane’s computer system may be vulnerable  担心飞机的电脑系统可能脆弱
  7. it was in constant dialogue with the FAA to resolve the issue  这项事宜正在通过和FAA的不断磋商中逐步解决。
  8. start to deliver the mid-sized planes from Novembe  从11月开始开始提交中型飞机
  9. ordered 24 Dreamliners  定购了24架。
  10. Rival UK carrier Virgin Atlantic  作为竞争对手的
  11. Appropriate safeguards  适当的安全措施
  12. Responding to the security revelation  对于被公开的安全问题
  13. was first reported by trade magazine Flight International  被。。。首先报道
  14. appropriate safeguards were already designed into the 787  适当的安全措施已经在设计中考虑到了
  15. We have already reached agreement with the FAA on the documentation, analysis and demonstrations necessary to show compliance with this special condition  关于证明我们已经符合在这个特定时期的要求的文档,分析和演示,我们早就和FAA达成了共识。
  16. Completion of these activities  完成这些行动
  17. occur during the flight test programme  出现在试验飞行的活动中
  18. It added that information from the test flights would be fully shared with the FAA to ensure a thorough review of the system.  他追加说,试飞的数据将会和FAA完全共享去确保一个完整的系统总结
  19. Boeing’s fastest-selling plane, with 802 orders in total by the start of this year  是波音销售最快的飞机,总共被订购了802架从年初开始。
  20. hit by a six-month delay due to manufacturing problems  受到那个由于制造问题的六个月推迟的影响
  21. The Dreamliner is Boeing’s first all-new jet since 1995.  流线是波音从1995年开始一代全新的喷气式飞机
  22. the only big commercial aircraft made mostly of carbon fibre rather than aluminium   唯一的由碳素纤维而不是铝制造出来的大型商业飞行器
  23. is billed as the most environmentally-friendly commercial jet ever built.  由于是有史以来最环保的商业喷气式飞机引起广泛关注。
  24. the 787 is much more fuel efficient than its competitors and produces 20% less carbon dioxide.  787型更加节省燃料与其他竞争产品相比,并且二氧化碳的排放量比同类竞争产品低20%。
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