BBC news—-China steps in to curb inflation

  1. curb inflation  控制通货
  2. An outside buyer has stepped in to save the company from going out of business.
  3. When the leading actress broke her leg, Isobel stepped in and took over.
  4.  China steps in  中国积极应对
  5. China’s cabinet  中国政府
  6. temporarily intervene in the market to curb rampant food and fuel price rises.  短期的在市场上干预,去控制物价疯长和燃料价格窜升。
  7. Retailers and producers  零售商和制造者
  8. face heavy fines  面对重罚
  9. increase the price of basic necessities  提高生活必需品的价格
  10. Food prices climbed more than 18% in November  食物价格上涨超过了18%在11月
  11. the price of pork jumped by more than 50%  猪肉价格窜升了50%
  12. Inflation has traditionally been associated with civil unrest in China  在中国,通货膨胀在传统上与城市利益集团联系到一起。 
  13. the government is very concerned  政府非常关心
  14. has largely abandoned price controls  很大程度上废弃了价格控制
  15. the free market took hold across the country  在全国范围内,自由经济取得了控制权
  16. The price of basic essentials  生活必需品的价格
  17. increased hugely during this time  在此期间,价格飞涨
  18. families on low incomes – numbered in their hundreds of millions in China  中国数亿的低收入家庭
  19. spend between 30% and 50% of their income on food for the table  花费了30%到50%的收入在生活饮食方面
  20. rising prices were the main concern among Chinese households last year  物价上涨是在中国家庭主妇当中主要关心的问题。
  21. outranking worries over corruption and the growing wealth gap  超过了对腐败和贫富差距的担心。
  22. are sceptical that the new rules will work,  怀疑新的措施会有效
  23. as price controls often lead to empty shelves.  价格控制会导致有价无市。
  24. the UN’s food aid agency  联合国食物援助署
  25. warning that another measure taken by China  警告中国采取的另外一项措施
  26. restricting the exports of rice and other staples  限制大米出口和其他主要食品
  27. The staple diet here is mutton, fish and boiled potatoes.
  28. Prices of staple foods such as wheat and vegetables have also been increasing.
  29. Her latest film is the staple offering of action and comedy which we have come to expect.
  30. have serious effects in the region.  给该地区带来严重后果
  31. The World Food Programme  世界粮食协会
  32. China’s move, which followed similar restrictions imposed by India and Vietnam,  中国的举措,随着印度和越南实施了类似的管制
  33. help to cause acute food shortages.  会助长更加严重的食物短缺
  34. are particularly at risk.  在这些国家会产生以上担心的风险
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