BBC news—–Czech-Polish caution on US shield

1.          Czech-Polish caution 捷克政策的高度重

2.          are in no hurry to conclude negotiations on a controversial US missile defence project  并不急于一个有争导弹防御目得出商的结论

3.            not a race against time 与时间赛跑的竞争

4.            The essential thing is to get what we want from the negotiations  最基本的是得到我们希望从商议中期望的

5.            agree to provide a base for US interceptor missiles  同意为美国的拦截导弹提供一个基地

6.            boosts Polish security  促进波兰的安全

7.          both countries would co-ordinate their negotiations with Washington.  两个国家会会相互协调和华盛顿的磋商

8.          echoed his caution  反复强调

9.          we prefer quality to speed  我们期望质量胜于速度

10.      The US wants to install interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic  美国想要在波兰安装一个拦截导弹和一个雷达基地在捷克。

11.      protect against possible attack by what it calls rogue states, such as Iran and North Korea  来防御来自像伊朗和北韩之类的流氓国家的可能攻击

12.      aims to submit a draft accord on the radar base to parliament in April  致力于提交一项关于雷达基地的协议草案到国会在4月份

13.      his government had not set any firm deadline for completing the negotiations  他的政府并没有为完成协商设定各种最后期限

14.      Hard bargaining  艰难的讨价还价

15.      the project will upset the military balance in Europe  该项目将要打破在欧洲的军事平衡

16.      threatened to point missiles at Europe  威胁在欧洲架立导弹

17.      the US stations parts of the new missile shield near its borders  美国基地在边界附近分散新的导弹防御体系

18.      discuss the defence shield  讨论防御体系

19.      Poland’s new government is much more cautious than its predecessor on the issue  波兰新政府在该事宜上比前任更加谨慎

20.      Our agreement to a missile defence installation in Poland is going to be directly tied to… increasing Poland’s security  我们把同意在波兰安装这个导弹基地同增强波兰的安全直接联系起来。

21.      wants US military hardware and a bilateral security agreement before it agrees to host the base 波兰需要美国的军事设备和一个双边安全协议,在他同意提供那个基地

22.      wary of striking a deal ahead of the US presidential elections  不可能突然达成协议在美国总统大选之前

23.      abandon the missile defence plans  放弃导弹防御计划

24.      heavy opposition to the plans in the Czech parliament and a recent survey of public opinion  来自捷克国会和最近的一项民意调查,对此计划的强烈反对

25.      70% of people opposed to the defence shield  70%的国民反对防御体系

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