2. Banks – the basics

2. Banks – the basics


Grimleys Bank  Open an account today!

    Open an account with Grimleys Bank, and start benefiting from our great rates/levels of interest and small/low charges. With over 3,000 branches/outlets, you will never be far from us, and unlike many other high street/town centre banks, we are open all day on Saturdays.

   Grimleys customers can take money/ make withdraws from more than a million cash dispensers/ money machines world wide, and of course you will receive a check book/ book of checks and a paying card/debit card within a few days of opening your account.

    Computer-users may be interested in our e-account – all the benefits of a regular Grimley’s current /day-to-day account, with the added convenience of being able to view your lists/statements and make/ do payments online.

    Whether you are opening your first current account, switching /changing from another bank or simply want to take advantage of our range/ variety of savings accounts, you will be glad you chose Grimleys – the bank that always makes/ puts the customer first.


1.      Credit card

e.  You owe the card provider money. You can pay it back in one installment, or over a long period if you wish.

2.      Debit card

c.       The money is deducted from your bank account almost immediately.

3.      Charge card

b.      Similar to a credit card, but usually operated by a chain of shops or other retailer.

4.      Check

a.      A piece of paper which transfer money from your account to somebody else’s account.

5.      Traveler’s check

d.      These can be exchanged for foreign currency, or in some cases used instead of cash.

6.      Charge account

e.       You owe the retailer money.


1.      Regular bank statements will be sent to you by post, listing recent ________.

a. payments    b. events      c. transactions

2.  New current account customers can borrow up to f200 in the form of a low-interest ________.

a. overdraft     b. overtake    c. overspend

3.  The current rate of interest for ________ overdraft is 6.7%APR.

a. permitted     b. allowed     c. authorized

4.  While your account is ________ credit, there are no charges.

a. under        b. in          c. with

5.  If your account is overdrawn, charges may ________.

a. happen       b. apply       c. occur

6.  When you acknowledge ________ of your new debit card…

a. receipt        b. the receiving   c. reception

7.  …you will be sent a PIN (personal ________ number)

a. identifying     b. identifier      c. identification

8.  You will need to ________ your PIN each time you use the card.

a. put in         b. type           c. enter

9.  Two or more customers may apply for a ________.

a. two-person account   b. joint account   c. together account

10. Current account may apply for a Grimleys Credit Card ________.

a. holders        b. owners        c. users

11. Credit Card will be issued ________.

a. if you are rich enough   b. if you have money   c. subject to status.

12. You may ________  your account at any time.

a. close          b. finish          c. end

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