2. Idioms and other expressions for describing character and personality

2. Idioms and other expressions for describing character and personality

1.        Nobody likes Peter very much because he is so annoying. He is a right pain in the neck!

2.        Andy is so boring. Did you know that his idea of a perfect day is going to the station to collect train registration numbers? What a/an anorak/nerd?

3.        I know that you do not like your job very much, but I wish you would stop complaining about it all the time. Do not be such a/an moaning Minnie!

4.        Imelda loves working here: she is a real happy camper/bunny.

5.        Alan is an excellent and intelligent manager who runs the department well and deals effectively with any problems that come up. Everyone agrees that he is a/an smart cookie/tough cookie.

6.        You have been sitting in front of the television for almost four hours. Why do not you turn it off and go for a walk? You are turning into a/an couch potato/lazy snob.

7.        We were having a wonderful evening until Anne joined us. Why does she have to be so negative about everything all the time? She is such a/an wet blanket/killjoy!

8.        Do not be such a/an chatterbox/ windbag! If you concentrated instead of speaking all the time, you would get more work done.

9.        If you want some help, ask Imelda. She is always happy and willing to help out: she is a real eager beaver/live wire!

10.    I hope Rick comes out with us tonight. He is such good fun, always the life and soul of the party.

11.    Poor Samantha is a bit of a/an wallflower/ shrinking violet. She would have much more fun and would get to know more people if she had more confidence.

12.    Don is a bit of a/an crank/oddball. He never eats vegetables because he thinks they slow down your brown.

13.    Do not be such a/an wimp/softie! You have only got a small cut on your hand; you have not lost a whole arm.

14.    All the newspapers are writing about Gordon Stapleton. He is the new golden boy of England football.

15.    When Laurence ended his relation with Mandy, she refused to accept it and started sending him insulting letters. Then one day she went to his house and threw a brick through his window! I never realized she was such a bunny boiler/trouble maker.

16.    My line manager My Burton is a real slave driver. Yesterday he made us work for six hours without a break, and would not let us leave until 7 o’clock.

17.    Maureen is the early bird in this company. She starts work at 7 o’clock, two hours before anyone else arrives.

18.    I am afraid my son has become a bit of a/an tearaway/terror. He stays out all night with his friends, and he never listens to a word I say.

19.    All the girls in the office love Daniel, and he loves them right back! He is a regular Don Juan/femme fatale.

20.    Mrs. Ranscombe is such a/an busybody. I wish she would stop interfering in my private life.

21.    My boss is a real Scrooge/tight-fisted/moneygrubber: he pays us peanuts and has not given us a pay rise for two years.

22.    James is a bit of a/an daydreamer. he never seems to pay attention during his lessons, and does not appear to take in anything I say.

23.    Martin is not ill. He is not at work today because he is too lazy to come in, the skiver/throwing a sickie.

24.    Michelle never pays for anything when we go out, and just relies on other people. She is such a/an scrounger/parasite.

25.    Mike has always been a/an rolling stone. He can never stay in the same place for very long, and he rarely keeps the same job for more than six months.

26.    Our new secretary is a/an clock-watcher. She does not work very hard, and she can not wait for the working day to end.

27.    Everyone respect Arthur. He is the salt of the earth/a good egg.

28.    I would avoid Christine, I were you. She is a real troublemaker/stirrer, and loves to start argument.

29.    When I ask you a question, I want you to give me a short, sensible answer. Do not be a/an smart Alec.

30.    Come on, Bill. Relax and enjoy yourself! Do not be such a/an stuffed shirt/a stick in the mud.

31.    Anthony is always following the boss around, carrying his briefcase and papers, opening doors for him and bringing his cups of coffee. What a creep/a teacher’s pet.

32.    Do not ask Tina to keep a secret: she is a real bigmouth.

33.    I know that Mr. Connor is not very well spoken and does not behave very polite, but he is a pleasant and kind man, a real rough diamond.

34.    Mr. Kelly seems nice and kind when you first start working for him, but in fact he is a ruthless businessman who will fire you the first time you make a mistake. He is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing/teddy bear.

35.    Tarquin is a bit of a chinless wonder. he has lots of money, but everyone thinks he is weak and stupid.

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