BBC news — UK-Russia diplomatic row worsens

  1. UK-Russia diplomatic row worsens  英俄外交争端恶化
  2. A diplomatic row between Russia and the UK  英俄之间的外交争端
  3. has intensified  已经恶化
  4. reopened two regional cultural offices  两个地区的文化事务所重新开放了
  5. defying a Moscow order to shut them  公然违抗来自莫斯科的要求关闭它们的法令
  6. accused Britain of "intentional provocation"  指控英国是有意的挑衅
  7. refuse new visas to British Council staff  拒绝给英国大使馆成员批准签证
  8. was summoned by the Russian foreign ministry  被俄国外交部长召唤的某某
  9. will remain open  将要继续使用
  10. in a continuing dispute over ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko’s death in London.  在那场没有完结的,前克格勃间谍某某在伦敦被杀害的争端中
  11.  after the holiday break  在假期之后
  12. The ban does not apply to the British Council’s Moscow office。 禁令并没有对英国大使馆的莫斯科事务所生效。
  13. ‘Serious disagreement’  严重的不同意
  14. aimed at inflaming tensions in Russian-British relations  试图激发俄国和英国之间的紧张
  15. The Russian side will not issue visas to new employees sent to work in the [British] consular offices of St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg to carry out British Council work.俄国方面将停止签发新被派往圣彼得堡和开展工作的大使馆工作人员的签证
  16. a breach of international law  打破了国际法
  17. Emerging from his brief meeting in the Russian capital  在俄国首都的简单会晤中
  18. handed him "a long piece of paper setting out the Russian legal view on the work of the British Council  交给一大堆文件列出了俄国对英国大使馆人员工作的法律观点
  19. Escalating crisis  升级的危机
  20. working entirely legally  合法的工作
  21. any Russian action against it  任何俄国的反对行为
  22. It’s also the case that we have a huge number of other subjects where Russia and the UK need to work together   那确实是事实,我们有很多项目俄国和英国需要相互合作。
  23. be quite careful to prevent this situation infecting all the other pieces of business  相当小心去防止影响到其他的商业合作
  24. Russia has clearly been angered by the British Council defiance.  俄国确实是被英国大使馆的蔑视行为激怒了。
  25. coming to a head  必须采取行动来解决问题
  26. it is not clear if either side is willing to back down  双方是否与愿意让步还不明确
  27. aims to promote cultural and educational ties  致力于促进文化的和教育的连接
  28. accused of violating Russian tax rules  被指控违反了俄国税法
  29. continue talking to the Russians in the hope of continuing its "enormously valuable" work.  保持和俄国的对话,期望能够继续大量宝贵的工作。
  30. We know ordinary Russian people believe it is of real value to them, as well of course to us here in the UK, to have that relationship with Russia.  我们总是明白俄国人相信那些工作对他们的价值,同样对于我们在英国,去保持和俄国的关系。
  31. develop culture in society  在社会中发展文化
  32. Any reasonable person understands  任何有逻辑的人明白
  33. British intelligence is legally working under cover of such organisations.  英国情报部门是在合法的工作在这个的组织下
  34. on top of ongoing tensions over the death of former KGB office  这个争端已经超过了前克格勃官员死亡的遗留下来的紧张
  35. been given a fatal dose of radioactive polonium 210  被注射了一剂致命的放射性镭210
  36. The UK wants Russia to hand over businessman Andrei Lugovoi  英国希望俄国把商人移交
  37. UK investigators suspect of murdering Mr Litvinenko.  英国调查人员怀疑杀害了
  38. refused to extradite Mr Lugovoi  俄国拒绝引渡那位商人
  39. expelled four Russian diplomats  英国驱逐了四位俄国外交官
  40. Moscow followed suit  如发炮制
  41. have described the action against the British Council as a retaliatory measure  俄国官员把针对英国大使馆的行为描述成一个报复行为。
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