BBC news—Citigroup’s $9.8bn sub-prime loss

  1. Citigroup’s $9.8bn sub-prime loss  花旗集团的9。8亿次贷损失
  2. US banking giant Citigroup  美国银行业巨头花旗集团
  3. reported a $9.83bn (£5bn) net loss for the last three months of 2007  通报了一笔9。8亿美元的净损失在2007年的最后三个月
  4. the loss had been caused by a $18.1bn exposure to bad mortgage debt  损失是由于价值18。1亿美元的房屋贷款的坏账引起的。
  5. "clearly unacceptable".  很明确是无法接受的
  6. revenues during the fourth quarter fell 70% from a year earlier to $7.2bn  在第四季度的税收与前一年的7。2亿相比下跌了70%
  7. pledged to turn around Citigroup’s fortunes  承诺去改善花旗的经营状况
  8. Tight control  严格控制
  9. get a cash injection of $6.88bn from Singapore government investment agency GIC  从新加坡政府投资机构GIC得到了6。88亿的现金投入。
  10. bought a $3bn stake in the firm  给这家公司带来了3亿美元的投资
  11. a $2bn holding in Merrill Lynch  一笔2亿美元的持有在
  12. follows a similar $7.5bn investment in Citigroup  这是在类似的一笔对花旗银行的7。5亿美元的注资之后
  13. be cutting its dividend for the quarter by 41%,from 54 cents to 32 per share  将要减少该季度的红利的41%,从54美分降低到32美分每股。
  14. as well as raising $14.5bn by selling securities  并且通过卖出股票,汇集14。5亿美元
  15. begun to take actions to ensure that Citi is well positioned to compete and  开始采取行动来确保花旗集团已经准备好面对竞争
  16. win across our franchises  赢得投资者的支持
  17. effectively keeping a tight control over our business risks  同时有效的严格控制各种商业风险
  18. took up the top job at Citigroup only last month  从上月开始接手了这个最高职位
  19. following the departure of his predecessor  在他的前任离职之后
  20. resigned in November after the full extent of Citigroup’s sub-prime mortgage losses began to emerge  在花旗集团的次贷损失全面爆发之后,前任在11月份辞职
  21. Credit woes  信用危机
  22. The sub-prime market is focused on providing loans to those with limited or poor credit histories  次贷市场是着力于为那些收入有限或者信用不良的人提供贷款
  23. During the US housing boom  在美国的房屋市场暴涨的期间
  24. this market expanded significantly  这个市场扩张显著
  25. a series of interest rate rises over two years  在过去两年里一系列的利率上调
  26. meant many sub-prime borrowers could no longer afford their monthly payments  意味着许多次贷申请者将无法继续支付月供。
  27. causing them to default on loans  最终导致他们拖欠贷款
  28. Citigroup is far from alone in being hit by bad debt  花旗集团并不是唯一的受到次贷冲击的银行
  29. its write-off is by far the biggest announced by any bank to date  到目前为止,它的损失据说是那些公布损失的银行中的数额最大的一个。
  30. Analysts generally welcomed the results  分析家欢迎这个结果
  31. as the $18.1bn bad debt write down was less than market expectations of $20bn  因为18,1亿美元的坏账损失是少于市场预期的20亿美元。
  32. analysts had mixed views on what message cutting the dividend and selling securities sent to the market  分析家对降低红利和出售股份向市场传递的信息有各种不同的看法。
  33. does nothing to send any signal that we are anyway near the end of the road  对次并没有采取任何行动去发出一种信号,即无论如何,我们已经接近这次冲击的结束阶段
  34. been going along for the past seven months  在过去的七个月里边一直伴随我们的
  35. in the overall credit market woes  在整体的信用市场的危机中
  36. Despite press reports that Citigroup would announce more than 20,000 job losses, none have so far been revealed  尽管有报道,花期集团将要宣布裁减2万个职位,到目前为止还没有得到证实。
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