BBC news—German bank hit by sub-prime woes

  1. A German investment bank  一家德国投资银行
  2. seen its shares slump by 35%  看到了股票暴跌了35%
  3. revealing unexpected writedowns on the back of its US sub-prime market exposure  公布了未曾预料的巨大损失在
  4. the firm would be unscathed by the credit crunch  公司不会受到信用危机的影响
  5. Management had repeatedly said  管理层反复的强调
  6. Investors reacted to the writedown  投资者对损失的反应
  7. valued at close to Hypo’s entire 2006 net profit  损失被评估为与2006年的净盈利大致相抵。
  8. with a massive sell off  伴随着大量的出售
  9. Its shares sank to 21.36 euros by the close of Tuesday trading  在星期二的交易结束后,股票价格跌至21。36欧元。
  10.  following the announcement and news that it was slashing its 2007 dividend by two-thirds  随着公布和新闻,即消减2007年每股红利的三分之二。 
  11. the problem at Hypo  。。。。的问题
  12. which also has a mortgage lending business  有一项房屋贷款业务
  13. credibility and communication  信任和沟通
  14. The crisis has been around for months  危机持续了数月
  15. We’re on the safe side  我们是安全的
  16. That’s why the market is disappointed and the stock price is saying it loud and clear.  那就是为什么市场是让人失望的,股票价格是明显的
  17. he did not expect further writedowns but could not rule them out  他预计将没有更多的损失,但是并不能完全排除。
  18. The problems had been impossible to predict  问题是无法预测的
  19. Firms which bought up parcels of mortgage debt   大量购入放贷债务的公司
  20. started to default on repayments  开始拖欠房屋贷款
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