3. Idioms and other expressions using clothes

3. Idioms and other expressions using clothes

1.        Kerry and Charlie work together well. In fact, they have always been hand in glove.

2.        “I can not help you carry these boxes. I have got a bad back.” “Oh do not be such a big girl’s blouse!”

3.        Look, I am sorry I lost your camera. Keep your shirt on/get you knickers in a twist/keep you hair on. I will buy you a new one, I promise.

4.        Have you read Geoff Bowman’s latest book? It is complete pants!

5.        You have done really well. I take my hat off to you.

6.        Up until now the game has been quite friendly, but now the Gloves are off.

7.        My boyfriend would rather sit at home in front of the television than go to a pub or nightclub. I wish he was not such a/an cardigan.

8.        Poor old Bob was given the boot/sacked/fired last week.

9.        She told me that I was stupid and ugly, which I felt was a bit below the belt.

10.    My teacher told me that unless I pulled my socks up, he would have to move me down to a lower class.

11.    I saw a film last night that scared the off me!

12.    Andy is so boring. Did you know that his idea of a perfect day is going to the station to collect train registration numbers? What a/an anorak!

13.    Clarice is 25 years old, but she is still tied to her mother’s apron strings.

14.    My uncle works for a cloak-and-dagger department in the government.

15.    You are always complaining. Put a sock in it!

16.    I have heard a rumor that Andrew is going to leave the company and go to work for one of our competitors, but keep it under your hat.

17.    My father used to pretend that he made all the major decisions in our family, but it was really my mother who wore the trousers.

18.    He is really generous. He would give you the shirt off his back.

19.    I can not decide whether or not to resign. What would you do it if you were in my shoes.

20.    Ever since his promotion, he has become too big for his boots.

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