4. Idioms and other expressions using colors

4. Idioms and other expressions using colors

1.        Elsa congratulated me on getting the job, but I could tell that secretly she was green with envy.

2.        Generally I am a very calm, relaxed person. But when people are rude to me , I start to see red/a red rag to a bull/go purple with rage.

3.        I very rarely see my parents these days. They only come to visit once in a blue moon.

4.        Everyone in my family is a teacher, but I decided from a young age that I wanted to be an actor. I guess I have always been the black sheep.

5.        My wife asked me if I liked her new dress. Well, I thought it was horrible, but of course I told her is looked wonderful. You have to tell a little white lie from time to time, do not you?

6.        I hate applying for a new passport. There is so much red tape.

7.        You can ask me to lend you money until you are blue in the face/cows come home, but my answer is still ‘No’.

8.        When Maria was attacked in the street, instead of running away she started screaming blue murder until someone came to her help.

9.        The best way to stay in the pink is to eat sensibly, take regular exercise, drink in moderation and not smoke.

10.    I think the new underground railway is a white elephant. The city already has a very efficient bus and train system.

11.    Everyone in my department is very happy because the project we have been working on for six months has finally been given the green light.

12.    There were 200 people in a room designed for only 75. It was like the black Hole of Calcutta in there.

13.    Your report is full of errors and spelling mistakes. I do not think you were using your grey matter/use your head/use your loaf when you wrote it.

14.    You must hear the new album by the American rock group Nuclear Puppy: it is red–hot.

15.    I had a real red–letter day yesterday: my boss gave me a pay rise, I won $60 on the lottery, and my boyfriend took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

16.    Most of the people in my town are white-collar workers. There are very few people working in factories.

17.    The company has been doing badly for over two years, and now everyone agrees that is a financial black hole/a money pit.

18.    Nobody in the office likes him very much: he is always brown–nosing/sucking up the boss.

19.    Your garden looks wonderful. What lovely, healthy plants. You must have green fingers/green thumbs!

20.    I had not heard from Jo for almost ten years, so when a letter from her came out of the blue/a bolt from the blue, I was naturally very surprised.

21.    He would never argue with or contradict his boss. He is far too yellow/a yellow streak.

22.    Yesterday I had on overdraft of almost $300, but I got paid today, so my bank account is in the red again. Unfortunately I do not think it will stay like that for long.

23.    Nobody knew who had been stealing money from the office, until the new salesman was caught red-handed/caught in the act opening the safe.

24.    I feel terrible this morning because I was out painting the town red/ go out on the town last night, and did not go to bed until 3 o’clock.

25.    If I were you, I would avoid the boss today. You are in his black book/in the doghouse with his wife after that rude comment you made about his wife.

26.    I know he was angry, but I was still shocked at the terrible language he was using. The air was turning blue /swearing!

27.    Hello, Anthea. Thanks for coming. Lovely to see you again. Let me get you a drink. A glass of red/white?

28.    I would not recommend his for a senior position in management: he is still a bit green.

29.    When I told Sara that I wanted to go out for a drink with my ex-girlfriend, she did not say anything, but she gave me a really black look.

30.    There was not much we could do when we discovered that the office had been robbed except call the police station and wait for the boys in blue to arrive.

31.    What is the matter with you? You have been in a black mood all evening.

32.    It is only my parents who are coming to dinner tonight, not the Queen of England! There is no need to roll out the red carpet.

33.    I was told that I had got the job at the interview, but I will not be happy until I see it in black and white.

34.    After falling off his office, he was black and blue all over.

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