BBC news —– Oil falls on US slowdown worries

  1. Oil prices have continued to slide  原油价格持续下跌
  2. amid fears that a US recession will weaken global demand for crude  在美国经济衰退会削弱全球的原油需求。
  3. called for production to be upped  号召提高产量
  4. US light crude fell $1.06 to $90.84 a barrel  美国轻原油从一桶106美元跌至90。84美元
  5. after sliding $2.30 on Tuesday  在星期二下跌了2。3美元之后
  6. Fears of a recession have increased on several firms missing profit forecasts and data showing weak consumer demand.  无法看到利润前景的数家公司和数据显示出削弱的消费需求,对经济衰退的恐惧还在不断增加。
  7. oil prices could fall further  原油价格会持续下跌
  8. surged to record levels  冲到了历史的新高
  9. breaking through the $100-mark for the first time.  首次超过了100美元标志的大关
  10. the increases in price are down to speculative buying and geo-political fears rather than a shortage of crude.  价格的攀升由投机购买和地区性的恐惧引起,而不是原油短缺。
  11. I think there is a disconnect…between price and fundamentals.  我认为价格和基础失调了。
  12. The market is really influenced by other factors.  市场确实受到了其他因素的影响。
  13. the oil producers group Opec would "not be hesitant to increase production if fundamentals justify that  原油输出国组织将会毫不犹豫的增加产量如果事实证明确实如此。
  14. in its monthly report on Wednesday that demand for crude oil in 2008 will be 87.8m barrel per day,  在它星期三的月报中,2008年的原油需求将会达到87。8百万桶一天。
  15. which represents a 2.3% rise from 2007 levels and is slightly lower than previous estimates。  与2007年的水平相比增长了2。3%,稍微低于此前的预测。
  16. rising demand in China  在中国不断增长的需求
  17. falling oil stocks  下跌的原油股票
  18. tensions in the oil-rich Middle East   中东地区的紧张格局
  19. Nigeria remain "important supportive factors" for oil prices。  对于原油价格,尼日利亚依然是重要的支撑因素。
  20. Opec is due to meet on 1 February to discuss output levels  原油输出国组织将要在二月一日举行会晤去讨论石油输出水平。
  21. there are already some calls for production to be boosted  已经有要求提高原油产量的呼吁。
  22. called on Opec to consider the wider implications of near record oil prices  呼吁石油输出国组织考虑最近创纪录的石油价格带来的更大影响
  23. the impact that they would have on the global economy. 他们对全球经济的冲击
  24. If "one of the biggest consumers’ economy suffers it means less purchases, less oil and gas sold,  如果一个最大的消费经济体受到困扰,那意味着减退的购买,和更少的石油和天然气被出售。
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