BBC news—–Bush calls for economy kick-start

1.       calls for economy kick-start  号召重振经济

2.       a special package of measures worth billions of dollars  价值数亿美元的一揽子计划

3.       to avoid a downturn in the world’s biggest economy.  避免世界上最大经济体的衰退

4.       the growth package would have to be big enough to make a difference to the "large and dynamic" US economy.  推进计划将不得不计划的足够大来改善庞大和有活力的美国经济体

5.       include tax incentives for US business and direct tax relief for the American people  包含针对美国商业的税率调整和为美国人民的直接减税

6.       total at least 1% of gross domestic product  总价值至少是1%的国民生产总值

7.       Fresh investment would provide the shot in the arm that this industry so badly needs.

8.       a shot in the arm to keep a fundamentally strong economy healthy  保持经济强壮的良性措施

9.       keep our economy going and creating jobs  保持经济发展并创造职位

10.    work together to enact an economic growth package as soon as possible  尽早合作去投入实施这个经济促进一揽子计划

11.    at a slower rate than in previous years  与去年相比相对较慢的速率

12.    A US housing market slump and problems in the financial markets  美国房屋市场的突然衰退和金融市场的问题

13.    raised fears of a severe economic downturn  触发了对严重的经济衰退的恐惧

14.    with some economists talking about the risk of recession  随着一些经济学家讨论萧条的可能性

15.    announced measures to help homeowners struggling to make repayments on their mortgages.  宣布了措施去帮助房屋所有人努力去按时支付按揭的月供。

16.    help them make new investments and create new jobs,  帮助他们做出新的投资和创造工作

17.    letting Americans keep more of their money  让美国公民持有更多资金

18.    increase consumer spending  增加消费支出

19.    pressing for a tax rebate of at least $300 per taxpayer  极力推荐一项对每一个纳税人至少300美元的减税

20.    some lawmakers seeking as much as $800 for per person and $1,600 for families  一些律师寻求每人800美元和每个家庭1600美元的减税计划

21.    the risks of not taking action to stimulate the economy were too high.  不采取行动来刺激经济的风险太高了

22.    confident in the long term  对长期有信心

23.    the short-term risks are to the downside  短期的风险就是自由市场的风险

24.    declined to give specific details about the emergency package  拒绝提供紧急援助计划的详细信息

25.    a "significant part" would be for ordinary consumers.  一个显著的部分就是为了普通消费者

26.    There’s strong bipartisan support  这里强劲的两党支持。

27.    the stimulus package could create an extra half a million jobs this year  促进一揽子计划将在今年创造超过额外的50万以上的工作职位

28.    US shares turned sharply lower following the announcement  随着宣言美国股票又受重挫。

29.    some market participants saying that Mr Bush’s plan did not go far enough  一些市场参与者声称布什的计划还不够。

30.    Global stock indexes had earlier risen on optimism that the plan would help revive growth in the world’s largest economy.  全球股票指数在早期曾经上涨了一些,出于对计划将要激活全球最大经济体的经济增长的乐观。

31.    I always blush when I speak in public.

32.    At first blush it appears the news is a little less dramatic than people were hoping for,"  最初这看起来让人脸红,可是与公众预期的相比,这条消息并不是那么突然。

33.    the impact of the stimulus package would be more political than economic  刺激计划的冲击更多的是在政治上的,其次才是经济上的。

34.    have little real impact on a total US economy worth a gargantuan $14,000bn a year  对于每年价值14000亿美元的整体的美国经济不会带来多大影响。

35.    If nothing else it’ll make the politicians feel they are doing something and cheer up the voters – and who knows it may even do some good这项计划除了让政治家感到他们做了一些有益的事情并且讨好投票者之外,没有其他效果。谁会在意它会产生一些有益的结果。

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