BBC news—–Asian markets see further losses

  1.  Asian markets see further losses  亚洲市场面临着进一步的损失
  2. continued to fall sharply on Tuesday  继续快速下滑
  3. global stock indexes tumbled amid fears of a global recession  全球股市指数在全球经济萧条的恐惧中剧烈下跌
  4. Japan’s benchmark Nikkei index plunged 1.5% in the first minute of trading  日经指数剧烈下跌了1。5%在交易的第一分钟
  5. with Sydney’s market continuing its longest losing streak for 26 years  随着悉尼市场迎来了最长的连败的第26个年份
  6. the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001  自从恐怖分子在2001年的911袭击
  7. During the morning trading session  在早间交易当中
  8. hitting new two-year lows.  达到了两年内的新低
  9. the main Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 5% in early trade  上海综合指数下跌超过了5%在最初的交易中
  10. markets in Taiwan saw similar falls.  台湾的市场看到了同样的下跌
  11. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was also down more than 5% by mid-morning  香港横生指数也下跌了超过5%在上午的中间时段
  12. The decline continued a worrying start to 2008 for Asia’s markets.  股市的持续下跌揭开了2008年的亚洲市场
  13. slipped almost 7%  下滑了7%
  14. wiping £77bn ($149bn) off the value of its listed shares  股市缩水了77亿美元
  15. slumped by about 7%  下跌7%
  16. registering a five-month low  达到了五个月来得最低
  17. boost the US economy would be enough to avert a full-blown recession  重振美国经济的计划是否能够扭转当前的衰退。
  18. suffering in the wake of a slowdown in US growth.  随着美国经济增长的减速,所有国家都受到了影响
  19. a financial stimulus plan which would involve about $145bn in tax cuts to encourage spending.  一项有关通过减税来促进消费的价值145亿美元的金融刺激计划
  20. see sharp falls after markets worldwide reacted negatively on Monday  随着星期一的世界市场的负面反应,将会剧烈下跌
  21. the falls stemmed from disappointment that the US stimulus was "too little, too late"  下跌来自投资者的失望,美国的经济刺激太小了,太晚了
  22. it wouldn’t help the economy recover"  不会有助于经济复苏
  23. Panic mode  恐慌模式
  24. deeper economic problems remain  深层的经济问题依然存在
  25. boost consumer spending  促进消费者支出
  26. lends to those with limited or no credit histories – has contributed to a slowdown  借钱给那些带有信用不良或者无信用记录的是促成减速的一个原因
  27. falling back into the crisis of confidence in the financial sector  陷入了对金融业信心的危机中
  28. The banks have been reassuring the market over their exposure to US mortgage-related investments  银行一直在向市场保证他们在美国房屋贷款相关的投资
  29. now we realise there is nothing reassuring about it," he said.  现在我们知道没有任何措施来确保它。
  30. Finance firms were among the main fallers, with Dutch ING Group, Germany’s Allianz and Swiss Re all falling about 10%, while Royal Bank of Scotland shed 8%.  在栽倒的金融公司中,ING等等下跌了不等。
  31. prompting default rates to surge  以外的促进了按揭拖欠的几率去窜升
  32. This has prompted banks to tighten their lending policies  这导致了银行紧缩借贷政策
  33. after losing huge amounts of investments linked to the US housing and mortgage markets  在与美国房屋和按揭市场相关联的巨大损失之后
  34. The state of the US economy is crucial for many of Europe’s and Asia’s biggest companies because it is one of their biggest export markets  美国经济的状态对于许多欧洲国家和亚洲的大公司是关键的,因为它是他们最大的出口市场。
  35. Any slowdown in demand is likely to hurt corporate profit growth and push share prices even lower  任何需求减缓都可能伤害企业的利润增长和压低股份。
  36. some analysts took comfort from the prospect of falling US interest rates  一些分析家对从美国利率降低的前景感到乐观。
  37. "If interest rates are cut to the extent we and others expect, the likelihood is that today’s share prices will look like silly values in 12 months’ time, if not before,"  如果利率被消减到我们期待的程度,现在的股票价格看起来滑稽在12个月内,如果以前不是这样的话。
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