BBC news—–Top bosses fear global recession

  1. Top bosses fear global recession  顶级老板害怕全球性的萧条。
  2. become the biggest threat to companies  成为对公司最大的威胁
  3. according to a global survey of top chief executives  根据对顶级执行官的全球调查
  4. Business confidence is also falling for the first time in five years,  商业信心的不断下降是在五年里的第一次
  5. The corporate gloom, however, is limited to bosses in the United States and Western Europe  企业的危机,仅限于美国和西欧的老板。
  6. In Asia business confidence is soaring  `在亚洲商业信心在不断增强。
  7. While confidence numbers are down overall,  然而信心指数在整体上下降了。
  8. half of all chief executives still claim to be "very confident" about their company’s future.  超过一半的首席执行官依然宣称对公司的前景非常有信心。
  9. That is twice the level of 2003, the last time confidence levels were falling.  那是2003年水平的两倍,即上一次信心水平下降的年份。
  10. take account of the most recent stock market turmoil  把最近的股市暴跌考虑进去。
  11. as it was conducted during the last three month of 2007  在2007年的最后三个月内实施该项调查时
  12.  Rampant Asia, bedraggled USA  强劲的亚洲,狼狈的美国
  13. The survey, presented on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos   在世界经济峰会期间发布的调查。
  14. suggests sharp differences in corporate fortunes.  预示了在企业前景上的强烈反差
  15. the credit crunch and the slowdown in the Western economies have created a clear split in confidence levels of CEOs around the world"  信用危机和西方国家的发展减缓已经在世界各地的首席执行官的信心水平上显示出了明显的分歧。
  16. Bosses in emerging economies believe that they are still for rapid expansion.  在新兴行业的老板们,相信他们还在继续快速扩张。
  17. While Indian bosses may be the most confident, their Russian and Chinese peers are catching up。 印度的老板们也许是最自信的,俄罗斯和中国的老板们也在不断跟上。
  18. up from last year’s 60%  从去年的60%增长了。
  19. Russia registers a real leap of confidence, up from 35% to 73%.俄罗斯也显示出迅速的增长,从35%到70%.
  20. This is in stark contrast to bosses in Western Europe  这是一个显著的差别与西欧的老板
  21. with 44% expecting their companies to grow  44%的老板预期他们的公司将会增长
  22. a drop of 8 percentage points  降低了8个点数。
  23. Faring worst are Italian executives  最差的的是意大利老板
  24. believe in their firm’s growth prospects  相信他们公司的发展前景
  25. Germany’s strong export industry had helped to sustain corporate fortunes.  德国强劲的输出也已经帮助他们去保持企业的前景
  26. While recession fears have jumped to the top of the list of potential corporate problems  虽然对萧条的恐惧已经转向了最顶级的潜在的企业问题的列表。
  27. the old perennial "fear of over-regulation" still makes it into the top three.  最古老的对过分管制的恐惧占据了前三名。
  28. Bosses are also concerned whether they will be able to recruit and keep the best people to run their business.  老板们依然关注是否他们能够雇用到并挽留住最合适的人来管理他们的业务。
  29. Human resource experts speak of a "war for talent", and two-thirds of all business leaders say that dealing with people issues is the best use of their time.  人力资源专家谈到,人才的战争,并且三分之二的商业领导者强调处理人的问题是最好使用他们时间的办法。
  30. Climate change – last year’s hot topic in Davos  气候变化,去年的热点话题
  31. has dropped sharply in the list of corporate threats.  已经在企业威胁中大幅下滑
  32. governments should act to reduce emissions, which sits uneasily with their complaints about over-regulation.  政府应当行动来减少排放,
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