BBC news—Transport chaos in snow-hit China

  1.  Transport chaos in snow-hit China  在遭受暴雪的中国的混乱运输
  2. The heaviest snow in decades is continuing to cause chaos across China  在几个世纪内最大的大学还在不断的在中国制造混乱。
  3. ahead of the busy Lunar New Year holiday  在忙碌的农历新年来临之际
  4. Road and rail links have been paralysed  公路网和铁路网都陷入了瘫痪
  5. thwarting travellers trying to return home for the festivities  阻挡住了努力返回家乡度过节日的旅行者们
  6. A blocked rail line has stranded about 500,000 people in the southern city of Guangzhou  被阻断的铁路线已经截住了50万人在南方城市广州。
  7. officials are working to prevent riots  官员们正在努力防止骚动
  8. 25 people died when a bus plunged from an icy road  当一辆汽车滑出了光滑的路面,25个人死亡。
  9. The snowstorms, which began on 10 January, have now affected 80 million people across 14 provinces.  从一月十号开始的雪暴,已经影响到了14个省份的8千万人。
  10. The central provinces of Hunan and Hubei have been hardest hit  华中省份湖南湖北是受灾最严重的省份。
  11. but eastern provinces are also affected.  但是东部省份也受到了影响。
  12. Houses and agricultural land have been destroyed  房子和农业用地被破坏。
  13. leading to economic losses totalling Y22.09bn  ,导致了经济损失总额达22亿人民币
  14. At least 24 people have been killed in weather-related accidents  至少有24人死于与天气有关的事件。
  15. this figure appears not to include traffic accidents.  这个数字明显不包括交通事故。
  16. Transport woes have been exacerbated by the fact that millions of people, many of them migrant workers, are travelling to visit their families for the Chinese New Year holiday, beginning on 7 February.  随着数以百万的打工者为了与家人共度中国的传统节日春节的这个事实,交通问题进一步恶化。
  17. about half a million people have been unable to travel  将近50万的人无法踏上旅途
  18. because snow in Hunan has blocked a key rail link with Beijing.  因为湖南的大学阻断了与北京连接的关键铁路线。
  19. Officials were trying to accommodate the stranded passengers  官员们正在努力安排滞留的旅客。
  20. who were creating camps around the station.  那些正在车站周围建造帐篷的旅客。
  21. Police and soldiers were also on the scene to control the crowd,  警察和士兵也在到处执行去控制人群。
  22. Highways connecting Guangzhou and Hunan have also been blocked  连接广州和湖南的高速公路也被阻断。
  23. with 20,000 vehicles stranded on one expressway  两万辆交通工具滞留在高速路口。
  24. In one of them was a man taking 10 children to visit their migrant worker parents in Guangdong.  在其中一辆中,一个男人带着10个孩子去访问他们在广东打工的父母。
  25. Today is our fifth day on the bus  今天是我们在车上的第四天。
  26. Every day we each get two packs of instant noodles to eat.  我们每个人每天吃两包方便面。
  27. flights have been delayed or cancelled. 航班被推迟或者取消
  28. More snow is forecast for central regions in the next few days,  在未来的几天里,在中部省份更多的降雪被预报出来
  29. making an early end to the chaos unlikely.  使得混乱提早结束变为不可能。
  30. Power shortages have also become a problem  电力短缺也成为一个问题
  31. warning of serious difficulties.  警告了严重困难。
  32. "Due to the rain, snow and frost, plus increased winter use of coal and electricity and the peak travel season, the job of ensuring coal, electricity and oil supplies and adequate transportation has become quite severe,"  由于降雨,降雪和霜冻,还有煤炭和电的使用量的增加与旅行高峰的到来,保证煤炭,电力和燃油供应的工作和充足的交通运输的工作变得异常严重。
  33. Stockpiles of coal – upon which many of China’s power stations depend  燃煤储备,即许多中国的发电厂依赖的,
  34. are reported to be low and 17 provinces have introduced blackouts to ration power.   被报道不足,并且17个省份都已经开始拉闸限电。
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