11. Wills and other legal matters

11. Wills and other legal matters 

A. Have you made a will?

    Millions of people have not made a will, yet dying intestate (1. without a will) can have disastrous consequences for the families of the (2. dead person) deceased.

    If you have not yet made a will, consider what should happen if you were to die unexpectedly. Your estate (3. money and possessions of a dead person) would be frozen (4. stopped) while a court decided how it should be distributed. Your (5. people inheriting money) heirs would be left to cover funeral and other expenses from their (6. personal money) own pockets. Also, do not assume that your assets (7. money and property) will automatically go to your (8. immediate family) nearest and dearest. There may be a distant relative with (9. reason why they should get it) a prior claim.

    Make sure the right people inherit (10. receive from a dead person). Make a will today. At Barnaby and Allen, making a will is quick, easy, and may cost less then you think. And we can also help you reduce your (11. amount that has to be paid) liability for inheritance tax. Call today for a (13. you do not have to continue if you do not want to) no-obligation consultation with a member of the team.



1. Solicitor          c. (British English) a person qualified to draw up wills, deal with conveyancing etc, and to represent clients in lower courts.

2. Barrister         a. (British English) a person qualified to act as a legal advocate, especially in higher court.

3. Advocate          d. somebody who represents somebody else in court.

4. Attorney          g. (American English) a barrister

5. Lawyer           j. a solicitor, barrister or attorney

6. Legal practice     b. a law firm

7. Executor          e. a person appointed by the deceased to carry out the terms of a will

8. Beneficiary        i. a person who benefits from a will

9. Probate           f. the process of proving a will is genuine

10. Conveyance      h. drawing up contracts for the buying and selling of houses


1.      In the UK, it takes several weeks for the authorities to grant probate.

2.      I will get a lawyer to draw up a contract.

3.      We are going to exchange contracts on Tuesday, and then we can move into our new house.

4.      We are going to sue them for a million pounds in damages.

5.      If you do not comply you will be in breach of contract.

6.      They are going to take legal proceedings against us.

7.      The court will hear the case next Monday.

8.      My solicitor will act me for me in this matter.

9.      The police are going to prosecute him for fraud.

10.   He has hired a very good barrister to defend him against the charges.

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