BBC news—-Spielberg boycotts Olympic role

1.      Spielberg boycotts Olympic role 斯皮尔伯格抵制奥运会角色

2.      withdrawn as an artistic adviser for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing  撤回了作为2008年北京奥运会的艺术指导。

3.      In a statement  在声明中。

4.      he accused China of not doing enough to pressure Sudan to end the "continuing human suffering"  他指控中国并没有做出足够的努力给苏丹施压去结束不断发生的人权问题。

5.      in the troubled western Darfur region.  在充满问题的苏丹西部地区

6.      two million forced from their homes in the five-year conflict  在五年的冲突中,两百万人被迫离家。

7.      Beijing has not yet responded to the move  北京还没有做出行动的反应。

8.     its first big setback in staging the Games  第一个巨大的阻挡在展开行动中。

9.     This is a noble move by Spielberg  这是一个显著的动向。

10.  he will certainly go down in history as someone who gave human lives precedence over fame and money"  他必然会在历史中留下一笔,被作为一个视人的生命高于声誉和金钱的人。

11.  A source in the Beijing Olympic Committee said a response was being discussed at the highest levels but had not yet been made public.  来自北京的消息,北京奥运会组委会说一个在最高层有一个对反馈意见的讨论,但还没有公布于众。

12.  the decision will anger and worry the authorities there  决定将会激怒当局,但是使当局担心。

13.  won the right to host the Games  获得了奥运会的举办权。

14.  tried to keep China’s politics and China’s Olympics separate  努力去保持中国的政治和奥运会被分别对待。

15.  it has attacked anyone who has tried to link the two  中国会攻击任何试图把二者联系在一起的人。

16.  brought in as artistic adviser for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games  被邀请去担任艺术指导为了奥运会开幕式和闭幕式

17.  the cause of Darfur was more important than his role.  苏丹这个原因比他的角色更重要。

18.  my conscience will not allow me to continue business as usual,  我的良知不允许我去像往常一样继续工作。

19.  At this point, my time and energy must be spent not on Olympic ceremonies  在这个时刻,我的时间和精力必须放在奥运会开幕式以外的事情上。

20.  on doing all I can to help bring an end to the unspeakable crimes against humanity that continue to be committed in Darfur.  而是,放在进我所能去结束还在持续的无法描述的灭绝人性的罪行

21.  Famous names involved in advising the Olympics  在宣传奥运会中有很多名声显赫的人。

22.  criticised China over Darfur  在达夫事件上指责中国。

23.  Sudan’s government bears the bulk of the responsibility for these on-going crimes  苏丹政府对这些正在进行的和将要进行的负有巨大的责任。

24.  a "public relations sham 对公共关系的粉饰

25.  This is a lesson to the rest of the world  这对于其他国家是个教训。

26.  appealed to countries sending teams to boycott the games.  呼吁国家去抵制奥运会。

27.  the decision was a personal one made by Mr Spielberg.  决定是他的一个个人的决定。

28.  a matter for the UN to resolve  一个应该由联合国去解决的事情。

29.  Desperate time  绝望时刻

30.  Sudan, with its vast oil reserves, sells some two-thirds of its oil to Beijing.  带有大量原油储备的苏丹,把三分之二的原油卖往中国。

31.  China has been criticised for its links with a government ostracised by many for its role in the ongoing crisis in Darfur. 中国受到指责因为与苏丹政府的联系,即因为正在进行的危机许多国家歧视的苏丹政府。

32.  had pressed Mr Spielberg to end his involvement,  要求他结束参与北京奥运会。

33.  his decision sent out the right signal to the Chinese government.  他的决定向北京政府发出了正确的信号。

34.  a shred of good news in a very bleak week." 

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