13. Currency markets 1

13. Currency markets 1

1. There are 1.23 dollars to The Euro.

2. The euro is currently at 1.23 against the dollar.

3. No. 1 above is how ordinary people say it; no. 2 is how it is reported in the news.


1.      At the moment there are 1.54 Euros to the pound.

2.      The pound is standing at 1.90 against the dollar.

3.      You will get just under/below two dollars to the pound.

4.      A dollar is worth just over fifty pence.

5.      How many Euros will I get for f100?

6.      How much is $39.95 in pounds?

7.      I would like to change these pounds into/for Euros please.

8.      I would like to exchange these pounds for Euros please.


1.      The dollar started the year just below sixty pence.       True/False

2.      The dollar went into free fall in January and February.   True/False

3.      The decline of the dollar leveled off in March.            True/False

4.      The dollar hit a low of f0.50 at the beginning of March.    True/False

5.      Since March, the dollar has made a full recovery.         True/False

6.      The dollar has recovered very slightly since March.       True/False

7.      Since March, the dollar has made a partial recovery, but remains weak. True/False

8.      The dollar halved in value in the first three months of the year.  True/False

9.      The dollar lost nearly a fifth of its value in the first quarter.  True/False

10.  The dollar is currently trading at around 53p.               True/False


The dollar _________ against the euro.

Rose sharply/soared/gained strongly/hit a new high/shot up

Rose gently/went up half a cent/gained slightly/gain some ground

Leveled off/remain steady/remained level/bottomed out

Slid a little/dropped slightly/slipped half cent/fell very slightly/weakened

Fell sharply/went into free fall/went down several cents/plunged/hit a new low/plummeted

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