17. Phrasal verbs, idioms and other expressions using do

17. Phrasal verbs, idioms and other expressions using do

1.        Do up your shoelaces, or you will fall over. (to fasten)

2.        Our new house is wonderful, but it needs doing up.(to repair, paint and improve an old building, car, boat, etc)

3.        As soon as I opened the door, I could see that my house had been done over(informal to be burgled; to have things stolen from your house)

4.        While I was walking back from cinema, I was done over by a gang of teenagers.(to attack someone and hit and kick them)

5.        While we are cleaning the room, let do out the cupboards. (informal to make a room, cupboard, etc, very tidy and clean)

6.        We have had the kitchen done out with aluminum units and light blue tiles.

7.        What you do with yourself in your free is your business. (used for saying how someone spends their time)

8.        I could really do with a nice cup of tea. (used for saying that you want or need something)

9.        We need to get a new photocopier. This one is done for.(informal in such bad condition or so badly damaged that it can not be used)

10.    If the police see us, we are done for(to be likely be punished)

11.    A lot of the restrictions on imports have been done away with. (to get rid of something)

12.    There are rumors that Doug had done away with his wife (informal to murder someone)

13.    He gave me a small parcel done up in silver paper.(to wrap something in paper or cloth in an attractive way)

14.    Before the party she spent hours done herself up. (to dress in special clothes, make-up, etc)

15.    I think that someone do him in to get his money. (informal to murder someone)

16.    I am completely done in after all that running around.(very tired)

17.    Joe had been done down by his teacher so often that he had lost all confidence. (to criticize someone in a way that makes them seem stupid or unsuccessful)

18.    You must not do yourself done you have a lot of ability. (as above, used as a reflexive verb)

19.    Most of articles in today paper are to do with American foreign policy. (to be connected with someone or something)

20.    My registration has nothing to do with my argument with the manager. (as above, but negative)

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