BBC news—China says militant plots foiled

China says militant plots foiled

1. militant plots foiled 挫败了军事阴谋

2. foiled two plots  挫败了两起阴谋

3. crash an airliner  摧毁一架客机

4. another targeting the Beijing Olympic Games.  另一起对准了北京奥运会

5. a plane crew prevented an attempt to crash a flight from Xinjiang province to Beijing  一个机组成员阻止了一次试图坠毁从新疆到北京的一班飞机的企图

6. a raid that saw two people killed in Xinjiang in January  在一月份新疆的一次突袭中,看到两人死亡

7. waged an insurgency for many years.  多年来一直支持反政府武装

8. accuse them of having links to international terror networks  指控他们与国际恐怖网络有联系。

9. ‘Preventative strikes  可以组织的突袭

10.             speaking on the sidelines of the current national parliamentary session.  在本届全国人代会的举行的同时被发表

11.             what may be an orchestrated attempt to justify preventative strikes against suspected terrorists in Xinjiang.  那是一场有预谋的演练来证实可以阻止的突袭来应对新疆的嫌疑恐怖分子。

12.             As the Beijing Olympic Games draw closer  随着北京奥运会的临近

13.             become more concerned about possible terrorist attacks against the games  变得更加关注对奥运会可能的恐怖袭击

14.             deployed more security forces in and around Beijing  部署了更多的警力在北京和北京周围。

15.             stepped up their fight against "terrorism, separatism and extremism".加强了对恐怖分子,分裂分子,极度分子防范的力度

16.             The alleged airliner plot involved a flight that originated in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, and was bound for Beijing.  据传被挫败阴谋是关于一架从新疆乌鲁木齐起飞的,飞往北京的飞机。

17.             landed safely despite an attempt "to create an air disaster"  安全着陆尽管有人试图制造一起空难。

18.             Who the people involved in the incident were, where they were from, what their aim was and what their background was, we are now investigating  谁是事件的参与人,他们从哪里来,他们的目的是什么以及他们的背景,我们正在调查。

19.             the crew responded and brought the plane to an emergency landing in the city of Lanzhou  机组成员正确应对并且把飞机迫降到一个兰州市的紧急着陆点

20.             with no damage or injuries  没有人员受伤和东西损坏。

21.             Reuters quoted an anonymous source saying inflammable material was found in the plane’s toilet, and that at least two passengers on the flight were taken into custody.  路透社引用了一段匿名消息源,声称在飞机的厕所里发现了易燃物,并且至少航班的两名乘客被监控起来。

22.             There was no confirmation of this.  还没有对此的确认。

23.             had thwarted a plot to attack the Olympics.  挫败了一起试图攻击奥运会的阴谋

24.             Specifically to sabotage the staging of the Beijing Olympics."  特别是破坏正在将设中的北京奥运会

25.             are to be battered resolutely  有目的的作战

26.             China has been struggling for years to contain separatist sentiment among the ethnic Uighur minority in Xinjiang.  中国在努力去控制在维吾尔族中的激进的分裂分子在新疆。

27.             Some Uighurs have campaigned for the mainly Muslim province to become an independent republic.  一些维吾尔族为了穆斯林省会去努力,试图把它变成一个独立的国家

28.             They don’t represent the Uighur people  他们并不代表维吾尔族人民。

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