BBC news—2007 floods ‘no link to climate’

1.The UK’s summer floods of 2007 英国的夏季洪水

2.a freak event unrelated to global climate change  与全球天气变化无关的以外事件

3.The key cause was that extended rains early in summer  关键因素是夏季初期的过多的雨水。

4.soaked soils that would normally have been dry at that time.  在那个时期湿润的土壤本应该是干燥的。

5.When heavy storms came later, water could not soak away into the ground.  在随后的暴风雨中,雨水无法溶解到地层中。 does not support the notion that UK summer rainfall is increasing or rivers are showing faster flow rates than in previous years.  数据并不支持那个观点,即英国夏嘉德降水在增加,或者河流正在显示出比以往更快的流动速率。

7.2007 did break a number of records  2007年确实打破了数项纪录。

8.rainfall in June and July was about 20% higher than ever seen before in records than go back to 1879.  六月和七月分的降水,自从1879的降雨记录以来,超过了以往降水的20%

9.does not form part of any clear historical trend or show consistency with currently favoured climate change scenarios  并不能构成任何明显的历史趋向的一部分或者显示出与当前流行的天气变化情景的一致性。

10.          The flooding affected areas of Britain from Humberside and Yorkshire to Gloucestershire and the south-west of England.  洪水影响英国的地域。

11.          It claimed 14 lives, forced 55,000 families and 6,000 businesses to move away, and caused damage worth at least £3bn.  英国宣布了14人死亡,55000人背井离乡,6000个商业机会丢失。

12.          make powerful reading  非常有力的读物

13.          the storm on 19 and 20 July saw more than 10mm of rain per hour for six consecutive hours.  七月19号和20号的暴雨,在连续的6个小时内,看到了每小时超过10毫米的雨水。

14.          A rain gauge in Hull recorded 44% of its average annual rainfall in just two weeks.  在胡尔的雨水计量器,记录到了44%的年平均降雨量在两周内。

15.          Tributaries of the Severn, Humber and Thames flowed faster than they have ever done since meters were put in place.  根据投放的雨水计量器,数条河流的支流流速超过了以往的任何时期。

16.          many areas might have escaped the consequences of such spectacular downpours if soils had not been already saturated.  许多区域躲过了这样的暴雨的后果,如果那里的土壤还没有达到饱和。

17.          extraordinary volumes of water ran off the soil into rivers.  超量的雨水把土壤冲击成河流。

18.          against long-term series of data, 2007 appears to be a blip rather than part of a trend.  从长期的数据来看,2007年只是一个特殊年份,而不是趋向的一部分。

19.          Summers do not appear to be getting wetter  夏季不会变的更湿。

20.          in fact there was more summer rain around during the 19th Century than there is today.  事实上,在19世纪夏季的雨水远远多于现在。

21.          Records for maximum flows on the Avon and Thames, which both date back into the 1800s, show no long-term increase.  对于泰姆斯河最大流量的纪录,可以追溯到1800年,并没有显示出长期的变化。

22.          vulnerability to flooding has increased markedly as a consequence of floodplain development,  对于抵御洪水的脆弱,逐渐成为洪水冲击的标志性结果。

23.          This is despite increased resilience to flood risk through improved flood alleviation strategies, and more sophisticated flood warning capabilities."  通过不断改进的洪水疏导策略和更加完善的洪水预警能力,强化了的防洪预警措施是与此无关的。

24.          The lack of adequate warnings and the importance of moving building programmes away from floodplains in the future were highlighted in the Environment Agency’s official review of the floods, enacted by Sir Michael Pitt.缺乏足够的预警和把建筑项目迁移离开洪水的重要性被列为重要举措在由发起的官方的洪水回顾。

25.          climate change is likely to bring regular echoes of 2007.  天气变化可能返回正常从2007年开始。

26.          Although we cannot attribute last summer’s floods to climate change, climate change predictions mean we can expect to see more extreme weather events such as flooding in the future,  尽管,我们不能把去年夏天的洪水归结为天气变化,天气变化的预测意味着我们可以预期更加极端的气候事件,例如将来的洪水。,

27.          This year, government announced an increase in funding for flood risk management which will help us develop our flood risk and warning systems. 今年,政府宣布了增加洪水的预防基金,将有助于我们去开发洪水预防和预警系统。

28.          "We also need to make sure homes – particularly for those who are vulnerable – are built in a safe place, and that people and the environment are protected."  我们还需要去确保,特别是对于那些生活条件恶劣的人群,被建在安全的地带,并且,居民和环境是受到保护的。

29.          suggests the opposite may be true;  暗示反面可能是正确的。

30.          flooding may become less severe as climate change progresses.  洪水可能变得不是那么严重随着天气变化。

31.          The basis for this assessment lies in UK Met Office projections  这次评估的依据是根据英国天气办公室的趋势图。

32.          Higher temperatures are also likely to reduce snowmelt in spring, which can cause sharp floods.  高气温将更有可能降低春天的融雪,即造成极度洪水的。

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