BBC news—Yahoo makes semantic search shift

1.     Yahoo has announced its adoption of some of the key standards of the "semantic web".雅虎已经宣布将要采纳一些语意网络的关键标准

2.     The technology is widely seen as the next step for the world wide web. 这种技术被广泛认为是互联网的下一步发展方向。

3.     It involves a much richer understanding of the masses of data placed online.他将为大量的在线数据带来更加丰富的理解。

4.     it would start to include some semantic web identifiers when indexing the web for Yahoo search.  他们将开始包含一些语意网络识别当他们为了雅虎搜索索引网络的时候。

5.     The move could mean a big boost for semantic web technologies which have struggled to win a big audience.  这一举措将意味着对语意网络技术的巨大推动,当他还在努力试图赢得大量观众的时候。

6.     identify relevance for a particular topic using the interconnections between sites as much as they do the text on any single page.  就像在尽可能的在文字网页上的使用一样,在站点之间使用内在关联来识别关联性。

7.     The semantic web promises to change this because it helps to capture the meaning of data on a page and so give machines classifying or searching the web the capability to work out its relevance to a particular topic.  语意网络宣称将会改变这种情况,因为它将帮助去抽取网页上有意义的数据,从而能够赋予分类或者查询的计算机计算出它和特定题目的关联性的能力。

8.     In an entry on Yahoo’s blog,  在雅虎日志的一篇文章上。

9.     despite "remarkable progress" being made on how to classify meaning on webpages, the benefits of this work have not been felt by the average web user.  尽管,在如何分类识别网页上已经取得了显著的进步,这项工作的益处并没有被广大的网络用户感受到。

10.  What was lacking, he added, was a compelling reason or "killer app" to use the semantic web technology. 他接着说,对于使用语意网络技术来说,缺乏的东西是一个急迫的原因,或者说就是程序杀手。

11.  Yahoo had recognised that the semantic web was catching on. 雅虎已经意识到语意网络正在不断变的流行。

12.  Like the early days of the web, he said, many people were now tagging data with the labels and identifiers demanded by semantic web technology.  就像早期的网络,许多人按照语义网络的要求,给数据加标签和识别器

13.  These tags are similar in concept to the familiar HTML labels that help format text and other data on webpages.  这些标签在概念上与HTML标签类似,用来帮助格式化文本和网页上的其他数据。

14.  Yahoo had realised that there was now enough to index to back up their search engine.  雅虎已经意识到已经有足够多的容量去索引,来支持他们的搜索引擎。

15.  In a similar vein by starting to include the tags and descriptors defined by semantic web standards into its search index, web users suddenly have better reasons to use them.  在另外一个类似的,通过开始添加由语意网络定义的标准标签和描述到索引的徒劳中,网络用户突然有了使用他们更好的理由。

16.  the advent of the semantic web promised to make a search much more productive. 语意网络的出现将使得搜索变得更加多产。

17.  Instead of returning a long list of links, a semantic web search engine would be able to understand what type of object, such as a person, was being sought and aggregate information around that  取代返回一长串链接的列表,一个语意搜索引擎将能够理解什么类型的对象,例如一个人,正在被检索,并且围绕那个信息整合信息。

18.  the promise of the semantic web had spurred visionaries  语意网络的许诺已经激发了很多前景。

19.  Only now, he said, was the technology being put in place to fulfil that vision.  直到现在,他说,这项技术正在被放到合适位置来实现预测的前景。

20.  Before now, proposing such as thing was like "trying to build a jet plane when the world only had the technology for bicycles."  在此之前,提议这样的事情就好比,当世界上只有自行车的技术的时候去努力去建造一架喷气式飞机。

21.  "It’ll mean a quantum leap in productivity and effectiveness," he said.  那将意味着在生产性和有效性上会有量子级的提升。

22.  With the semantic web we’re at the place the web was in 1992."  拥有这项语意网络技术,我们停留在网络在1992年的水平。

23.  The move to the semantic web could pose challenges for established companies such as Google which have grown on the back of indexing documents rather than objects.转向语意网络将会给那些像Google一样的基于索引文件而不是对象的成功的公司带来挑战。

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