24 Investments

24 Investments


Make a profit and make a difference

    The Aware Finance Ethical Investment Fund aims to offer everything you would expect from an ethical investment capital growth, a competitive yield and the knowledge that you gain is not as the expense of the environment or exploited workers. Naturally, we only invest in companies that have been thoroughly screened, and fully match up to ethical investment criteria.

   Yet Aware Finance goes one step further. 20% of the fund is vested in small, unquoted companies developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies. Of course, most of these technologies are in the infancies, and this fund is particularly aimed at investors looking for long-term growth potential.

    With Aware, the return on your investment is not just financial.


The Neptune Tracker Fund

    Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. With The Neptune Tracker Fund there are no investment strategies and no fund managers to pay. The fund is invested in the 100 companies that comprise the Financial Times-Stock Exchange 100 Share Index. If the FTSE 100 goes up by 5%, the value of your holdings goes up 5%. It is as simple as that.

    Despite the promise of high growth and high return associated with managed funds, the truth is that in seven out of the last ten years on average tracker funds have equaled or out-performed managed funds.

    And unlike managed funds, there are no hefty fees to pay. Entry to the fund costs 1.75% of the sum invested, with a tiny 0.5% administration fee payable each year thereafter. Yields can reinvest in the fund or can be taken as income – the choice is yours.

1.      a specific investment holding

2.      as good, in financial terms, as others on the market  competitive

3.      checked   screened

4.      give a higher return than  out-performed

5.      income from an investment yield

6.      increase in value of a holding capital growth

7.      an increase in value over several years  long-term growth

8.      not listed on a stock exchange unquoted

9.      principles for deciding how to invest investment criteria

1.      Which fund is probably high risk? AWARE/NETPUNE

2.      Which funs is likely to have high fees? AWARE/NETPUNE

3.      Which fund is more suitable for investors needing a reliable yield? AWARE/NETPUNE

4.      Which fund is entirely invested on the stock market?  AWARE/NETPUNE

5.      Which fund would you prefer to invest in?  AWARE/NETPUNE


1.      bond

c. An investment in which the issuer (often government) promises to pay back the invested sum plus interest.

2.      future contract

a. An agreement to buy commodities, currencies or shares at a fixed prices on a fixed date in the future.

3.      share option

f. Employees are offered shares in the company at a reduced prices.

4.      trust fund

e. A fund which is managed by the trustees for the beneficiary/ beneficiaries. A common example is money held in a trust for a child or young person.

5.      unit trust

b. private investors can buy a small interest in a large fund invested in many companies.

6.      bear/ bull market

d. prices are going down/up.


1.      I have decided to put some money into stocks and shares.

2.      I bought a five-year fixed-interested government bond.

3.      Unfortunately for investors, there ahs been a significant downturn in the market.

4.      When I bought the bond, I did not realize that the agent who sold to me would get a 3% commission.

5.      To get advice on personal investments, you can see an independent financial adviser.

6.      Shell, British Airways, Sony and Nestle are blue chip.

7.      Coffee, cotton, coal, and aluminum are commodities.

8.      A public company is owned by its shareholders, and its share prices is quoted on a stock exchange.

9.      Shares in Western Gas were launched with an issue price of 50p per share.

10.  The flotation of Western Gas on the stock exchange was in 1990.

11.  Yesterday closing price for Western Gas was 178p per share, down 2p on the day before.

12.  Jason has a portfolio of shares worth about half-a-million pounds.

13.  Unfortunately, all Jasons share certificates were destroyed in a fire.

14.  Investing is a form of gambling. As the saying goes you have to speculate to accukulate.

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