Ethnic clothes mental health link

  1. Teenage girls from some minority communities 来自非主流社团的年轻女孩。
  2. stick to their family customs  坚持她们家庭的习惯
  3. have better mental health  更好的心理健康
  4. who chose traditional rather than Western dress  选择传统服饰而不是西方服饰。
  5. had fewer behavioural and emotional problems  不易带有行为和情绪上的问题
  6. close-knit families and communities could help protect them.  紧密关联的家庭和社团有助于保护她们。
  7.  Pressure to integrate fully could be stressful  完全融入的压力可能让人精神紧张。
  8. particularly vulnerable to mental health problems  特别是青少年对于精神问题很脆弱。
  9. identity, often bound up in friendship choices or clothing, played a role  和朋友选择或者服装选择紧密关联的个人的存在起到一定作用。
  10. They questioned a total of 1,000 white British and Bangladeshi 11 to 14-year-olds about their culture, social life and health, including questions designed to reveal any emotional or mental problems.  她们询问了1000个白人和11岁到14岁的女孩,关于她们的文化,社会生活,以及特意设计的揭示他们任何情感和心理毛病的问题。
  11. significantly less likely to have mental health problems than those whose style of dress was a mix of traditional and white British styles.  显著的不容易带有心理问题,与那些穿戴传统和英国服饰混杂服装的女孩相比。
  12.  When this was broken down by gender, it appeared that only girls were affected.  当把该结果按性别分类时,好像只有女孩受到了影响。
  13.  No similar effect was found in white British adolescents who chose a mixture of clothes from their own and other cultures.  在英国的青少年中,穿着混杂服装的青少年并没有观察到类似结果。
  14. he had expected that girls who were less fully integrated to show signs of greater strain.  他预期那些女孩并非完全融合的,将会显示出更多的压力。
  15. Traditional clothing represents a tighter family unit, and this may offer some protection against some of the pressures that young people face.  传统服饰体现了更稳固的家庭成员,这会提供一些对青年人面对的压力提供某种程度的保护。
  16. What it suggests is that we need to assist people who are moving from traditional cultures and becoming integrated into Western societies, as they may be more vulnerable to mental health problems.  他在暗示我们,我需要去协助那些偏离传统文化,转向西方社会的群体,因为他们可能会在心理问题上比较脆弱。
  17. the findings meant that "notions of Britishness" should be dealt with in a sophisticated way.  这次发现意味着,英国的代号应该被用一种复杂的方式来体现。
  18. There are many ways in which people can be British – these girls who have good mental health, and still have a strong traditional culture, are by implication settled and comfortable with their identities.  有很多种方式可以变成英国公民,那些带有良好心理健康的,并且和强烈的传统文化的女孩,潜意识上,认可并且满意她们的身份。
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