BBC news—US merger forms ‘largest airline’

  1. Rival US companies Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines  相互竞争的三角洲和北西北航空公司。
  2. agreed to merge in a $5bn (£2.5bn) deal that will create the world’s biggest carrier.  在一笔价值5亿美元的交易中,同意合并来创建世界上最大的航空公司。
  3.  The new airline, to be called Delta  新的公司将被叫做三角洲。
  4. have annual revenue of more than $35bn and employ about 75,000 staff.  将带来超过35亿美元的年收入,并且雇佣75,000名雇员。
  5. the deal could prompt similar moves by other US airlines struggling with rising oil prices.  这笔交易将会促进其他那些受到不断上升油价困扰的美国航空公司的类似的合并。
  6.  But the deal, sealed a year after both carriers exited bankruptcy protection, could face resistance from unions.  但是这必交易,在两家航空公司摆脱了倒闭保护后,将面对来自联盟的阻力。
  7.  Pilots for Northwest and the union acting on behalf of most of the carrier’s ground workers said they would oppose the merger.  来自西北和联盟的飞行员代表各自航空公司的立场,申明他们将会反对合并。
  8. Airlines worldwide are suffering in the wake of a consumer slowdown in the US and Europe, making it harder to raise ticket prices to offset rising fuel-prices.  世界各地的航空公司都受到来自美国和欧洲的消费衰减的冲击,使得他们难于通过提升票价去冲掉上涨的燃油价格。
  9. the most effective way to offset higher fuel prices and improve efficiencies, increase international presence and fund long-term investment in the business,"  最有效的方式去对冲掉提高的燃油价格并提升效率,改善国际形象和为业务提供长期的投资。
  10. lead the new airline  领导新的公司。
  11.  However, shares in both companies had fallen by market close on Tuesday  然而,两家公司的股票价格都在周二股市交易结束以后不同程度的下跌了。
  12.  The merger agreed on Monday night will see Northwest shareholders receiving 1.25 Delta shares for each of their Northwest shares。  在周二的合并将会看到西北航空公司的股票持有者,将会以1。25比1的比例获得三角洲的股份。
  13.  The combined company will be based in Atlanta  合并的公司总部将在烟特兰大。
  14.  An unspecified number of job cuts are expected to reduce overlap in corporate and administrative departments,  不确定的数量的职位将被砍掉来减少在企业和管理部门的重复。
  15. eliminate 2,000 jobs this year.  减少2000个职位。
  16.  The deal still requires approval from competition authorities but it is not expected to face hurdles on that front.  这笔交易依然需要来自竞争委员会的批准,但是它并不会在前进的方向上面对阻挠。
  17. We will look at the competitive effects of the transaction and how it would affect consumers,  我们将会看到这项交易的竞争力效果和他将会如何影响消费者。
  18. This administration has taken a very pro-merger stance
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