29. Financial idioms and expressions

29. Financial idioms and expressions


1.      We will have to tighten their belts.  Rich/Poor.

2.      He is raking it in at the moment. Rich/Poor

3.      They are very hard up. Rich/Poor

4.      He is finding it hard to make ends meet. Rich/Poor

5.      She is absolutely loaded. Rich/Poor

6.      They are a lot better off than most. Rich/Poor

7.      She is rolling in money. Rich/Poor

8.      He has fallen on hard times. Rich/Poor

9.      They have got money to burn. Rich/Poor

10.  She seems very down at heel. Rich/Poor

11.  We are totally broke. Rich/Poor

12.  The do not have two pennies to rub together. Rich/Poor


1.      Since the merger was announced, the share price has gone crazy.  Up/down

2.      Following the news, the share price has gone through the roof. Up/down

3.      As a result of the strike, the share price has gone through the floor. Up/down

4.      We believe the share price has hit rock bottom. Up/down

5.      The share price has been going up and down like a yo-yo. Up/down

6.      A lot of investors have lost nerve. Up/down

7.      News of the takeover bid has caused a lot of investors to get cold feet. Up/down

8.      Investors are queuing up to buy shares. Up/down

9.      Shares in the new company have been changing hands for silly prices. Up/down

10.  Those shares? You can not give them away. Up/down

11.  The collapse EnTek has had a knock-on effect on our share price. Up/down

12.  After two years of bad news, the share price has finally rallied. Up/down


1.      “In the end” means your bank accounts is overdrawn. “In the _____”means your account is in credit.

a. blue             b. black         c. green

2.      They are a very rich company. $10,000 is just _______ to them.

a. small money     b.  coins        c. loose change

3.      At the moment plasma-screen TVs are a _______ on the market. Everybody who wanted one has now got one.

a. glut             b.surplus        c. excess

4.      Suppliers have been _______ the market with cheap MP3 player.

a. filling            b. flooding           c. dumping

5.      The market for holiday apartment rentals is now _______.

a. over-full          b. too many          c. saturated

6.      The new computer game console has been a huge hit. Just before Christmas, you could not get one for _______.

a. gold              b. diamonds          c. love nor money

7.      The publishers of School for Wizards have ________ the book’s success, and have negotiated a series of lucrative merchandising deals.

a. maximized cash with     b. cashed in on        c. cashed up

8.      Following the success of Banco Credito’s internet share-trading service, a lot of other banks have jumped ______ and launched similar services.

a. on the bandwagon       b. into the sea         c. onto the table

9.      In those days, you could buy a house for $50,000 and let it out for $800 a month. It was a license to _______.

a. make money             b. mint money         c. print money

10.  If we want a new photocopier, we will have to ask Resource Manager. She _____.

a. holds the purse strings    b. guards the money     c. opens the purse

11.  It does not matter how much we spend on designing the front cover. Money is ______.

a. no limit                 b. no object               c. no maximums

12.  a large payment to somebody when they leave a job is called a ______.

a. golden goodbye           b. golden hand           c. golden handshake

13.  I get an accountant to fill in my tax return for me. I do not have a very good ____ for figures.

a. mind                    b. brain                  c. head

14.  Do I have any savings? Yes, I have got a little put by for a _______.

a. rainy day                 b. bad day              c. hard time

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