Chapter 2                    Dog Years


1.      Get over sth 回复过来

2.      not give a damn about sth 不在乎

3.      what happen to you 你出了什么事情

4.      not a bad sinecure 不是一份坏差事(工作量不大,而且有工资)

5.      stay out of sth 远离争议和讨论

6.      livable stipend 可以过活的薪水

7.      get out alive 活着出来了

8.      write in to do sth 发表文章去做什么

9.      even more now than then 更多的是现在

10.  see their world shrink to fit the dimensions of their advisor’s lab 非常清楚他们的生活被压制在导师实验室的空间内

11.  with their identities bound to the outcome of the thesis project 他们的身份局限于论文项目的成果

12.  be socialized to view other options with contempt. 被(朋友的圈子)影响成用蔑视来对待其他可能

13.  consider signs of sell out 认为是被出卖的标志

14.  go into science for the love of it 因为热爱闯入科学

15.  think nothing else was half as good 认为其他东西连它一半都不如

16.  throw in towel 承认失败

17.  go on to a life of itinerant postdoctoral research 走上一种漂泊不定的博士后研究生活

18.  had a easy time 从容的度过

19.  look down on those of friends 看不起那些朋友

20.  transfer their effort to less ambitious endeavors 把他们的努力转向不是雄心勃勃的努力中去

21.  shame is Pride’s cloak 羞愧是骄傲的斗篷


Perhaps even more now than then, graduate education is an extended adolescence during which highly intelligent young people see their world shrink to fit the dimension of their advisor’s laboratory…. With their identities bound to the outcome of their thesis project, graduate students are socialized to view other options (teaching, industry, even changing to another type of work altogether) with contempt. Wanting a decent wage and meaningful work that occupies, say, only 50 hours per week are considered signs of selling out.


1.      consist of four courses per semester  由每个学期四门课组成

2.      general qualifying examination  合格考试

3.      pass a special theory section on the quals  通过合格考试的特殊理论部分

4.      without this formal admittance  没有这项正式许可

5.      take you on  带着你

6.      the rarified world of theory  没有世俗问题的理论世界

7.      finish sth. in three or four years  3年或者4年完成

8.      take one step forward, face two steps back  预先迈出一步,面对俩步后退

9.      given that I wanted to be theorist  假定我想做一个理论家

10.  little choice  几乎没有什么选择

11.  do theoretical research  做理论研究

12.  build particle detectors, write computer programs, and analyze data  制作例子监测器,编写电脑程序,并且分析数据

13.  despite their worm’s eye view  尽管他们像虫子一样的眼界

14.  be usefully busy  有用的忙碌

15.  be able to contribute without having to be extraordinary  能够贡献什么,而不是不得不变得特别


1. settle down into New York  对纽约感到满意

2. rise to WNEW AM’s and finch  前往。。。

3. Recall their endless pitches for sth 

4. With a touch of tawdry charm of motels  轻微感受到摩托旅馆的魅力

5. Driving down the same route  在同样的道路上驱车而下

6. Caribbean atmosphere and vibrant street life  加勒比海氛围和生机勃勃的街区生活

7. Walk all the way down 顺路而下

8. Hope lurk on every block  希望躲藏在每一个街区

9. Be struck by the discrepancy in styles of cursing  强烈感受到在诅咒方式上的不同

10.             Impressed by the exceptional independence of American graduate students  对独特的美国研究生的独立性感受很深

11.             Take lecture notes  做笔记

12.             One assigned homework problem was totally unrelated to any material covered in class  布置下来的家庭作业中的问题竟然和课堂上的内容毫无关联

13.             Query sb.  询问某人

14.             momentarily dismayed at the notion  瞬间对那个象法感到失望

15.             Set problems on topics that never discussed in class  在主题上设置的考题可能从来没有在课堂上讨论过

16.             Focus on textbook reading as I do on note-taking  在阅读课本上和在做笔记上下同样的功夫

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