261 I was so hopeful that my relationship with him would work out.
我一直以为我与他的关系能得到改善。(I was so hopeful that…= i was once convinced that)I
did some workout this morning. 今早晨我做了点健身运动。Workout是较流行的词,人们很少再说:I did
some exercise this morning. Workout指一般指那种在健身房的锻炼。Can you work out the
issues between you two 你们两人之间的问题你们自己能解决吗?work out the difference.解决分歧
Guys in mainland China and guys in Taiwan should work out their
differences rather than bicker over these differences. Can you work out
some details before you submit the proposal
  262. Such an
unpopular decision is bound to draw a lot of flak. Flak
高射炮,炮弹。“这样不得人心的决定肯定会招致大家的反对。” 防弹衣:flak jacket, 更加通俗的词是bulletproof
vest,保险公司的人向医生推销保险时说会:Nowadays patients tend to take their doctors to
court for nothing, so it is better to put on some kind of bulletproof
vest before you practice. 现在的病人动不动就告把医生告到法庭,所以还是在开业前买点保险比较好。
 263. He promised to make good on your contract. 他保证会兑现与你签的合同。make good
on 还钱,兑现合同。在当今社会,这是一个很有用的词组。I want to make good on that loan I got from
Joan. 我一定要把向琼借的钱给还了。He often fails to make good on his promises.
他说话常常不算数。People expect that the Communist Party will make good on
democracy someday. 人们期待共产党有天会兑现对实现民主的承诺。
  264. check out
这是一个用途很广的词,在旅店退房叫checkout(结帐),(住房登记叫checkin),机场登机前办理checkin;Go out and
check this guy out.去查一查这个人的背景。You can do some Google checkout before
you start writing. 在动笔前你可以先做一些谷歌查询。Do you have some down time? Check
out these things to do. 如果你还有点空闲时间,你可以找这些事情来消遣。
  265. wear out That job is a wearout, it is cold, dirty. He really wears me out. 他把我整得精疲力竭。
  266.That is a dumb move. 你这样做很笨。这步棋走得很臭。
  267. you know what You can…这是一个很实用的句子,用在给人提建议前缓和气氛。
  268. Good for you. 赞赏人说的话。例如有人说,他得了100分。I got 100 for my test today.你就回答:good for you. 他说他中奖了,你就说:good for you.
  269. I am convinced that…. Convince 比believe的语气更加肯定一些。I am convinced I can do it. 我相信我能做好。
 270. driving force 推动力,主要力量He is the driving force for this
project.他是这个项目的主要推动人。It is naïve to believe that the Party
could be a driving force for democracy. 相信这个党能成为民主的推动力量,那是有点天真了。

271. My husband is a sports fanatic. Every night he flops on the sofa,
flips on the TV. He’s so crazy about Yaoming. He googles Yaoming for
every bit of his story. He loves Yaoming more than me. My husband is a
selfish, insensitive oaf who puts basketball before his wife’s
  272. He
and I seem to be extremely compatible. But there is a problem. He
doesn’t open up to me and has his walls up.
他和我看起来是蛮匹配的,但还是有个问题,他对我并不是完全敞开,他总是竖起一道墙。You need to take these
possibilities that open up for you. 你应该抓住这些为你敞开的机会。
  273. How is
everything going between you and John? John is seeing another woman, so
I kicked him to the curb. 你与约翰的关系怎样了?他跟另一个女人好上了,所以我把他给踢了。Kick to the
curb, 男女关系中一方把另一方给甩了,也可以意为“解雇”A woman was kicked to the curb by the
company for finding drug use in her hair sample.
  274. He is so important in my heart of hearts. In my heart of hearts, 比in my heart更强调,在我内心深处,
 275. Wait for Mr. Right. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled.
Peel的意思本来是“剥皮”,例如to peel potatoes,但在这里的意思是“睁大眼睛,竖起耳朵,留意”。Keep one’s
eyes peeled与keep a close eye on 几乎是同一个意思。
  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next challenge.
 276. When you meet someone you like, tell her/him. Don’t be afraid. it
is normal to get knocked out. Expect to get rebuffed or rejected. Knock
out, 是拳击里的术语,把谁给放倒了,get knocked out,
Get Knocked Out in the Second Round of Layoffs.
  277. Tell your
boyfriend that you want the whole enchilada and will end the
relationship if he does not step up. enchilada
他断绝往来了。”We had the flowers, the speeches, the presents – the whole
enchilada. 我们得到了鲜花、贺辞、礼物,总之应有尽有。Enchilada也可以作“老板”解释:Ask the big
enchilada what he really means. 问问大老板的主意。
  278. For some reason,
whenever I see her I feel like there is something there. But she says
she doesn’t feel anything is there.
  279. You need to get past
the old relationship, lick your wounds, and learn your lessons, don’t
get involved with a married man, and start a new page.
  280. It is obvious you
dig me. 很显然,你喜欢我。I bet she really digs him.
她肯定是爱上他了。口语里dig作“喜欢”解。另外还有:Can you dig it? 你明白吗?Ya dig? 明白吗?

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