321. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. 得由我来宣布坏消息真烦。
  322. run on the coat-tails of 沾别人的光,
 Al Gore did no original science. To reach his conclusions, he has
merely run on the coat-tails of others. 戈尔根本就没有什么原创科学,他的结论不过是贪他人之功为己有。

  Those members of Crown Prince Party have risen to fame on the coat-tails of their fathers. 太子党成员之所以得势不过是靠父亲而已。
  323. I said that to say this. 我说了上面一段话是为了说这句话。这句口语很适用,你最后要做结论时可以用得上这句话。
  324. There is a puny amount of it. Puny 很少。
  325. We need money badly, but there’s the rub: no one will lend us any. 我们急需要钱,但偏偏谁也不会借钱给我们。Rub 的一般意思是“擦、磨”,这里做“困难”解释。
 Given that Jackie Chan is one of the Chinese government’s biggest
supporters, I find it a little more than ironic that one of his films
would get rubbed out by government censors.

  326. It is your call. It is your shot. 这两句话的意思基本一样:这是你的任务,这是你的使命,由你做决定。
 327. high-strung, over-strung,
strung是string的分词,这两个复合词意思都是“神经绷得紧紧地、脆弱”,也就是“神经质”的意思。He is clumsy,
irritable and high-strung. 他笨手笨脚、不惹人爱,总是神经兮兮的。High-strung也可以是highly

  328. vibe 感觉,气氛There was a really good vibe at
that party last night. 昨晚的聚会气氛不错。 He is dumb, he cannot pick up on my
very subtle vibes. 他是个木头人,他不懂我表情下面的感情。

  329. The boy said to her that he liked her. That has swept her off her feet. 那个男孩告诉她他很中意她,这让她有点神魂颠倒了。
 330. loaded 直译是“装满了的”,也转义为“附带含义很深的”,例如:a loaded question(a loaded
word)意思是一个表面问题后还有很多其他意味的问题:Patriotism is a loaded question in China. It
actually means that you have to love the Communist Party.
爱国在中国是个带有圈套的问题,实际上的意思是,你必须爱共产党。(注意第36例中loaded的不同含义). There’s no such
thing as simple talk about democracy; it’s always a loaded subject, it
is about power sharing. 谈论民主决不是一个轻松的话题,这是一个深沉的题目,它涉及到权力的分配。

331. You need to do something about your abs now.
abs是abdomen的简写,意为腹部,肚子。“你得为你那个肚腩想想办法了吧。” Everyday I do hundreds of
crunches to flatten my abs. 我每天做仰卧起坐数百次,就是想打平我的肚腩。

  332. Six-pack
abs: 腹部六块肌肉。健美的腹肌有六块肌肉(甚至八块,但一般为六块),而一般人都是圆圆的肚子。Everyone dreams of
six-pack abs, but it is not easy to get it. 人人都想要有健美的腹肌,但谈何容易。Do you
have any suggestion how to reduce the belly flab?

大肚腩的几种说法:belly flab, belly fat, spare tire, a big tummy, a paunch; a
potbelly, abdominal muscle 腹肌,a taut midsection 健壮的腹肌

  334. flabby muscle 松垮垮的肌肉,taut muscle 绷紧的肌肉
 335. I wish I could get rid of this layer of fat here. 我真希望去掉这一层脂肪。The
first step to losing body fat is changing your diet. 要去掉身体脂肪的第一步是改变你的饮食。

  336. To reduce your weight, make sure you eat less than you are burning. Burn 的本意是燃烧,这里做“烧掉你的脂肪”解,“如果要想减肥,你一定要做到吃的要比消耗的少。”
 337. Eating several small meals throughout the day will boost your
metabolism and help you burn more calories.

  338. Sometimes hunger
pangs are actually your body’s plea for water. So drink lot of water
when you feel hungry. 有时候难熬的饥饿感不过是你身体需要水分,所以你感到饥饿时,多喝点水。

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fitness lives. Weight loss plateau

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