361. Listen up, guys, for some advice. 伙计们,认真听听一下这些好的主意。Listen up 意思是“仔细听听”,与listen to 不同,后者是听“谁、或事。”
  362. first off, 相当于first of all, First off, you need to clean the room. 你先把房间打扫一下。
  363. If things seem like a go, you can make the second move. 如果一切顺利,你再做下一步的行动。Look like a go, or seem like a go, 行得通,还行。
 364. I’m just zoned out for some reason. 不知道为什么我有点走神。Zone out
走神,漫不经心,When I’m singing I zone out and feel like I’m the only one in
the room. 我放声高唱时,就觉得旁若无人,觉得房间就我一个人。 I just arrived by train this
morning, so don’t get upset if I just zone out in the middle of the
meeting. 我是今早坐火车刚到,所以如果会议中我走神的话,请不要不高兴。Zone
区域,现在很多城市有“英语角”,一般翻译为“English Corner”,但更好的翻译应为:English
Zone,或者译为:English Bay。 In the zone:进入状态,a goalie who was in the zone
throughout the playoffs 比赛至始至终都精力旺盛的守门员。Comfort zone
原意为不冷不热,最适合人的体温的区域;每个人都有自己感到舒适的范围:You need to get out of your comfort
zone and work for one year as volunteer in a village.

  365. I have learned this lesson the hard way. 这个教训是付了高昂学费才学来的。the hard way 付出一定代价得来的。
 365. 如果the white picket fence (白色围栏)象征一种普通市民或曰小康生活的话(见345条),那么the
yellow brick road 则是小资的生活了。He is able to provide me the yellow-brick
road, so I will marry him. 他能够给我提供富裕的生活,所以我愿意嫁给他。

  366. Many things
can sink an interview, such as making a bad first impression; a
tendency to ramble, and so on. Sink

  367. Candidates should
always error on the side of a suit and tie, even if they’ve been told
that the hiring company has a casual dress policy. 这里的error on the side
of 是什么意思呢?
”dress up, 穿正装,穿礼服。dress down 衣着十分随便。

  368. There should be no limp
or cold fish handshakes. Look the interviewer in the eye and give a
firm handshake, that’s part of first impressions.
握手时不能有气无力,目无表情,一定要看着面试官的眼睛,有力地握下手,这是第一印象。Cold fish

  369. Before the interview,
you need to learn what the company’s hot bottons are. Hot bottons
重要的事项,禁忌。Gender issues have become something of a hot button of late.

  370. I am sorry I cannot remember his name, my mind has gone blank. 对不起,我一时想不起他的名字,我头脑是一片空白。
 371. drum out 逼某人失业 G ao Zh isheng was drummed out of the law business
a couple of years ago because he was suspected of being a human rights
activist. 因为当局怀疑高是人权活动家,逼着他把律师事务所给关门了。

  372. red meat
带血的肉,意思是“投机所好的、能煽动情绪的发言”,原意是面对一条饿狗,仍一条带血的肉,狗就不会叫了。Her father asked her
if she was ever to get married, and she threw him some red meat.
他父亲问她到底要不要结婚,她回答说,他已经有了个不错的男朋友。(她父亲就不再问了。)The Party is good at red-meat
rhetoric on nationalism. 它最拿手的好戏就是使用煽动民族主义的宣传。Chen won presidential
victories by exploiting divisions, by the red-meat politics of playing
to his base.

  373. a no-no( a nono) 绝对不行,绝对不可以 In a corporate
environment, wearing flip-flops is a no-no. 在公司上班,穿拖鞋是绝对不可以的。也可以说 a
don’t:Plastic is definitely a don’t in the office. 在办公室不能穿凉鞋。In North
Korea, human rights are a nono. 在北朝鲜根本就没有人权。(你也可以把北朝鲜换上另一个国家。)These are
six top no-no’s. 这是六件绝对不能做的事。相应的一个词是win-win.

  374. For women, it is
OK to show some of toe, as long as it’s in a high-heeled strappy
sandal. But for men, it is best not to show your toes at all.

  375. bipolar 喜怒无常,两极症:一时情绪低落,一时情绪高昂。Bipolar disorder is a serious and disabling mental illness.
 376. A lot of policies in our society cannot hold up so well to
scrutiny, even though they are widely accepted. Hold up to scrutiny

  377. These corrupted officials are bad to the bone. 这些贪官烂透了。
 378. You need to tell the customers upfront what the price is, and
there should be no hidden price, otherwise it is foul play.

  379. playing Russian
roulette 玩俄国左轮。这是一种赌命的游戏。在左轮手枪(a
revolver)里装上一颗子弹,再将轮子旋转,然后对着自己的头扣动扳机。显然,死亡机率是六分之一。If you drink and
drive, you’re playing Russian roulette with your life and the lives of
others. 如果你酒后开车,你就是在拿自己的和别人的命在做赌具了。No one should have to play Russian
roulette when debating on democracy and human rights in this country.

  380. the straight dope 真相,事实The cop said, "Give me the straight dope, Shorty. I haven’t got time for your stories today."
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