381. Chinese zodiac 中国生肖Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig To bear children in the year of the pig is
considered to be very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest.
  382. shrink 意为“收缩”,口语里的意思是“心理学家”。He got a shrink degree. 他得了一个心理学学位。
  383. 当有人向你致谢“Thank you”时,很随意的口语回答是:Anytime. 或者You bet.
 384. 第23句例句是:拿某人出气:I know he has the blues, but it doesn’t mean he can
vent his anger on me. 这句的意思也是如此:She dumped all her problems with her
husband onto me.
  385. I am knee deep in debt. 我欠了一身的债。knee deep
in 深深陷入,投入:I’m knee-deep in work at the moment, so I’m not stopping for
lunch. 我现在忙得不可开交,没时间去吃饭。
  386. 这两个水域在此意思很相近:I am in financial hot water. 我现在的财务相当吃紧。I feel like I am in uncharted waters. 我感到一头雾水,不知道前面的方向。
 387. The professor trashes conservative proposals as well as liberal
“任何病都能治的药”,相当于前面提过的snake oil。
  388. I am not your guinea pig, give
me the right medicine. 我又不是你的几内亚猪,给我点对路的药。制造商常常拿guinea用来试验新药。但是guinea
pig并不是真正的猪,而是天竺鼠(a rodent),产于南美。南美人喂养天竺鼠就像我们喂养猪,用来做食品的。
  389. Loop
的基本含义是“圈、环”,in the loop:圈内人,局中人,You can tell she’s in the loop. She
always knows about policy decisions before the rest of us.
  Out of
the loop局外人:I’ve been out of the loop since I changed jobs. I didn’t
realize Wendy and Bob had gotten engaged. A few people at the top knew
what was going on, but everybody else was out of the loop.
Unbelievable I am half way through this term already and somehow or
other everything seems to be going OK.
真是难以置信,这个学期已经过了一半了,不管怎样,一切看上去都不错。Half way through 过了一半,somehow or other
不管怎样 I walked out halfway through the movie. 电影看了一半,我就走了。
391. After failing the midterm, he was on thin ice with his math teacher. 其中考试没有及格,他与数学老师就不易相处了。on thin ice with 与。。。的关系微妙。
 392. In a way与 stand in the way的区别:In a way, 从某种程度上来讲,In a way, he is
indeed. 在某种程度上讲,他的确如此。in the way, 拦路,碍事I don’t want to be in the
way.(or in your way)我不想拦你的路。复习:out of the way, 229. I try to get myself
out of the way as quickly as possible. Spring Festival is getting under
  There are some damages, but we are working our way back.
  She had this problem for many years, going way back to before…
  That is just the way it is.
  She has repeatedly gone out of her way to help him.
  393. That is that. 事情就这样。
  394. A: I have a question. 我有个问题。B. Shoot.问吧。 复习:127. shoot me at aaa@aaa.com 给我这个地址发电邮。
  395. Give me a shout when you are inthe area. 你如果来这一带,记得给我打个招呼。
  396. You are inches away from being fired. 你差一点就被解雇了。A peace deal is inches away. 和平协议指日可待。
  397. bite one’s head off 小题大做,反应激烈 He will bite your head off. 他会把你给吃了的。A. Excuse me, where is the bathroom? 对不起,请问厕所在哪里?
 B. What are you, lazy? Why don’t you just look for it yourself,
instead of asking some random person where it is? People like you are
the reason America is known as the laziest country in the world!
  A. Geez, what’s your problem, you didn’t have to bite my head off! 哎呀,你有病呀,这么小题大作。
  398. creeps 原意为“爬”,口语里意思是“恐惧感,”That house gives me the creeps. It gives me creeps to think that he would do such a thing.
 399. strange是人人都知道的词,但在口语里,有四个词表达“怪怪的”,wacky stories or weird stories,
都是“稀奇古怪的故事”;weird stuff 乱七八糟的东西;That guy looks weird. 那个家伙看上去怪怪的。That
guy is a wacky person. eerie, I have an eerie feeling. eccentric
(自我为中心的)神经质:You are eccentric.
  400. He is a control freak. 他控制欲极强。他是个控制狂。
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