BBC news—Chinese party unveils new leaders

  1. 1.         Chinese party unveils new leaders  中国共

    2.        the leadership line-up  领导层

    3.        steer the country for the next five years  在未来的五年里带领国家

    4.        won a second term as party and army chief  赢得了第二个任期作为党和军队的领导

    5.        four new faces joined the party’s top body  四张新面孔加入了党的最高层

    6.        the Politburo Standing Committee  政治局常委

    7.        included two men seen as potential successors to Mr Hu  包括两个新人被认为是潜在的胡的接班人

    8.        Shanghai party chief  上海市委书记

    9.        the head of Liaoning province  辽宁省省长

    10.     ranked above Mr Li  排位高于李

    11.     suggesting he might be ahead in the succession race  暗示他可能在下一任竞争中领先。

    12.     were announced at the end of the party’s five-yearly congress  在每隔五年的全国党代会以上变动被公布。

    13.     sets the political agenda for the future  给未来设置了政治历程。

    14.     The nine members of the powerful Standing Committee  九位政治局常委成员

    15.     appeared together in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People  同时出席在北京人民大会堂

    16.     wearing black suits and red ties  穿着黑西装打着红领带

    17.     walked out onto the stage in order of rank  按照级别的顺序走到演讲台上

    18.     at the head of the new appointees  在新的出席者的领头

    19.     the first new face of the new generation  新一代的第一张新面孔

    20.     becomes the heir apparent  变成首选继任者

    21.     expect to take over from Hu Jintao  期望着去继任胡的位置

    22.     the son of a high-ranked party elder  党高层长者的儿子

    23.     held top party positions in several provinces  担任过多个省书记

    24.     sacked for corruption  因为腐败被清除

    25.     followed him on to the stage  跟着胡走上党书记的舞台

    26.     seen as strong contender for the presidency  被认为是有力的下一任的竞争者

    27.     A law graduate of Peking University  北京大学的法律系研究生

    28.     he won plaudits for his work to 因为他的政绩受到好评

    29.     revitalise the economy in the north-eastern province of Liaoning  搞活辽宁省东北部的经济

    30.     indicate who he favours  显示出他更倾向哪一个。

    31.     presented them  介绍他们

    32.     the party’s organisation chief  中央书记处书记

    33.     the minister for public security  公安部部长

    34.     the other two new additions to the committee  另外两个政治局的新成员

    35.     replace three of the country’s most senior leaders  代替了政治局的三个领导

    36.     stepping down  淡出了

    37.     Balance of power  权力的平衡

    38.     Premier Wen Jiabao  温家宝首相

    39.     reappointed to the committee  重新被任命为政治局常委

    40.     expected to have new five-year terms as premier and president approved  被认为还能够获得接下来的五年任期的首相和总统

    41.     parliament meets in March  在三月开始的国会

    42.     solidified his grip on power  强化了他的领导班子

    43.     as a result of the eight-day conference  作为为期八天的会议

    44.     The departure of Zeng Qinghong  曾庆红的离开

    45.     an ally of 81-year-old former President  前任总统的同盟

    46.     a boost to Mr Hu

    47.     sway the balance of power away from those loyal to Mr Jiang  逐渐把掌握在忠于。。。权力的平衡转移到,,,

    48.     giving Mr Hu more room to proceed with his agenda of economic reform  给胡更多空间去继续他的经济改革日程。

    49.     The party’s decision to enshrine his "scientific outlook on development" into its constitution

    50.     seen as a victory for the president  可以看作是总统的胜利

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